20 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

Woman Whispering into Friend's Ear


Men always have something to say about sex. We turned the tables on them and asked the ladies to dish out the advice for a change.

Here are the top gripes.

1. You Can Win Without It

“It’s not what wins a woman over.” – C.

2. Listen Up!

“That I actually know what I want, so don’t be scared to listen to me.” – Victoria

3. We’re Not All the Same

“Every woman is different. What pleases one woman might not necessarily please another. The key is being in tune with your woman and her particular needs and desires.” – L

4. We’re Ovens Not Microwaves

“We are not always ready when they are ready. We just have sex because they want us to have sex.” – M.

5. We Get So Emotional

“Sex is an emotional act for women and is not just meant to fill a physical need.” – Precious

6. It Can Make Us Feel Safe

“Intimacy with the one you love provides you a safe place to be vulnerable.” – Tina

7. Don’t Want It Too Much

“Their obsession with it is a turn-off.” – T.

8. Sex and Love Aren’t the Same

“Having sex with a woman is not the way to her heart but making love to her will go a long way. There is a difference you know!” – T.

9. There Has to Be More to It

“It’s a part of the relationship, NOT the relationship.” – C.

10. Foreplay Matters

“How to be passionate and to learn that foreplay takes place all day long; a phone call to say something sexy, a sexually charged email. Start setting the mood early in the day.” – T.

11. No Condom, No Complaining

“Not using protection forfeits your right to complain about the consequences.” – A

12. Stimulate My Mind Too

“That you got to mentally satisfy before you get between the thighs!” – Janet

13. Taking Off All My Clothes Is A Big Deal

“That ripping my clothes off as soon as we’re alone is not always as sexy as men think. Being naked makes a woman feel vulnerable and if he’s too pushy, it doesn’t make her feel comfortable at all.” – C

14. Our Heads Are In the Game

“It’s more mental than physical for women.” – K

15. The Clitoris Is the Queen

“How to find the clitoris! Learn what it is, where it is and give it some attention.” – P

16. Be A Friend First

“Companionship is so much better.” – Doyin

17. Make Every Moment Count

“Truly cherishing the before, the act and after of love making.” – M

18. We Like Orgasms Too

“We want [to have] an orgasm every time just like they want one every time!” – A

19. Can’t We Just Cuddle?

“We don’t always want sex just because we want to cuddle.” – E

20. Touch Me, Tease Me

“Take time to caress and love each part as if it was the last time you’ll experience love making.” – L

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