Erotic Story: Her First Time


I was hungry that afternoon and the house was devoid of food. Save for the half bag of rice and the tins of oats, nothing was in the kitchen. Even if I were to decide to cook some rice, I might not be alive to see it through.

We had recently moved to this new part of town, a relatively higher class vicinity than the one we moved from. Had we been at the former place, I wouldn’t be so bothered. Food vendors selling cheap coconut rice, or ewa agoyin and Agege  bread, or  even  fried yams and akara abound. But not in this zone. The only place one could get food here are these bucca’s where one would have to pay one’s ass off for such small food.

I finally decided to trace my way downstairs. I made it to the front of my compound before the figure of a girl standing at the front caught the corner of my eyes. I glanced her way and flung a “hello dear” at her. Not minding whether she replied, I reached for the gate, stepped out and looked out both sides of the street, not exactly sure what I was looking out for.  Realising this effort was in futility, I came back inside and beckoned to the girl,

“Nne, please how do you people get food here? I’m very hungry.”

She flashed her set of white teeth in a smile before telling me she doesn’t know herself but if I don’t mind, she could prepare me some Indomie noodles.

“With all pleasure,” I told her.

I got some packs of noodles from the kiosk in the opposite house and she followed me into my flat. While she prepared the noodles, I asked her about herself. She was Cynthia (I always asked girls who gave me foreign names for their native names. Hers was Adaugo). She was eighteen and just finished secondary school and waiting for JAMB to hand her admission into a university. She saw the tin of oats and begged to have some.

“My parents don’t like oats. They prefer custard. Only me like oats in my house.” She confessed.

“Me too,” I lied trying to find some common ground. Any common ground.

I acted the gentleman, making her oats while she made me noodles, all the while staring at her plump nyash and wondering how she managed to be so endowed at eighteen.

“How come I haven’t seen you around?” I asked her.

“I’m mostly indoors,” she replied. “I don’t even know what brought me out today.”

“Na God bring you out o,” I crooned. “I no know how I for do this alarm wey tear me today if no be for you,” I replied.

We ate our meals and discussed some more. She had little or no friends around. I had marvelled at her backside and she had laughed and said it was her ex-boyfriend who pressed the nyash too much.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked.

“No,” I promptly replied.  Another false common ground. “Why did you break up?” I asked her back.

“He liked sex too much,” she said.

“Oh!” I exclaimed.

“Yes,” she replied.

I asked her to hang out with me and my friends on Sunday and she said she’ll try. I took her number and promised to call her.

At the appointed time on Sunday, I had dialed her number to remind  her but she didn’t pick so I  sent her a text message. Her reply read, “Daddy at home, can’t leave.” I sent her another which read, “tell him you’re going for church programme,” and few minutes later, she came out tying a scarf around her head.

We drank some beer, she took Smirnoff Ice and we had a lot of lewd chat. She taunted most of my friends who talked about sex saying, “if you see the fuck now, you go fit fuck?” This had enraged most of them, who had asked her to try them and see. She simply leered at them, hurting their pride the more. I liked girls like this. All out babes.

At about nine, she started giving me signs and sending me messages about her dad getting suspicious if she wasn’t home on time. I obliged her and took her home. “E pass fuck?” she had asked me on our way when I told her she was rude to the guys. I made up my mind there and then to screw this girl and screw her like the tease she was. With such effrontery she must be a champion fucker.

The next day, she came visiting. She was bored out of her skin. She cooked some food, we ate and lay down to watch a movie. That was when I reached out and grabbed both her boobs. She jerked herself away at first but I persisted and she relaxed as I reached beneath her top and undid her bra. I squeezed her luscious boobs and she moaned. I raised her blouse and sucked on a nipple which started to engorge in my mouth. I hitched her skirt up and grabbed fistfuls of her enormous ass and lifted her by them, landing her astride my groin. I sucked one nipple, squeezed the other with one hand shoved her panties with the other hand, and reached for her hot pussy. She squirmed each time my finger tried to go past her pussy hole and I noticed how tight it was. Pushing her down to her back, I yanked off her panties even as she tried to make me stop and flung them in a corner. I quickly stripped off my shorts and she covered her mouth and gasped at the sight of my dick. That was when I began suspecting she might not be how I thought. But I can’t be wasting my time over that, not now at least. So I lifted both her feet to my shoulders and massaged her clitty a bit while reaching for a condom. She tried to wrest my hand from her pussy and I allowed her win only long enough to wear my condom.

“Munachi please, take it easy, please,” She crooned and grabbed my condom clad dick as I prepared to slam into her.

“That’s what most girls say to fool us into believing they are still good girls,” I thought as I removed her hands from my cock and pinned them above her head. Positioning my cock against her slit I pushed in and she screamed but my prick didn’t enter beyond the tip. I tried again, harder this time and she screamed again as sweat broke across her body.

“You…, you be virgin?” I stuttered and she nodded yes.

Wonderful! I thought as I got off her and removed the condom. I would give her the honour of deflowering her with my raw dick not a condom clad one. I got some Vaseline and rubbed just enough to break through on my member. I intend to enjoy this tight virgin pussy to the fullest and not even Vaseline would deprive me of that. I came to her and peeled of her skirt totally. Pushing her legs back so that her knee touched her boobs and her vulva pouted at me, I rubbed my Vaseline-d dick around her vagina, transferring some there while systematically pushing in, little by little. She shrieked and pleaded with me to take it easy on her. “Munachi please, you know I love you. Please pity me now, eh? Don’t hurt me please. I thought you like me like your sister. Remember how I used to cook for you, please have mercy now. Munaaaa! Ewuu, Muna please now. Who asked me to come today o?”

I pushed in again and my whole cap broke through, something loosened and some red liquid coated my dick. This enthused me some more and I forced in almost half my dick. This time she grabbed my head in an embrace, “Munachi look at me now, it’s me o. It is your Adaugo. It is me you are doing this thing o! Please now, easy now.” I smiled a wicked smile and started rocking my hips slowly back and forth each time going a little deeper. Damn, virgin pussy feel so damn good and so fucking tight, I could feel my cum building up. I grinded deeper and deeper until she pushed my stomach with her hands thus limiting my movement. The pleasure was heightening and I won’t let her deprive me of maximum satisfaction thus I pushed her hands away, pushed her feet even further back than before and her bum was off the bed and plunged all my dick inside her. She grabbed the bed sheet to her mouth and bit at it as I proceeded to slam into her, pushing her ass back into the bed with each thrust. Her pussy was so tight and so sweet, I lost control and after two minutes of maddening swift thrusts was raining my cum deep inside her womb. I kept pounding minutes after I had drained myself in her and only collapsed on her when the pounding didn’t feel good anymore.

She whimpered and shivered and lay on her side backing me when I got off her. Her ass jingled like jigida with each movement. I didn’t know if it’s the nyash that magneted me or just the simple gentlemanliness of consoling a girl whose cherry I just popped, but I found myself pulling her by the waist and holding her in an embrace.

“Munachi, can I ask you a question?”

“Anything baby,”

“Do you love me?”

I looked at the ceiling. Do I love her?

“I do know I have a very strong feeling for you,” I lied yet again. I have a very strong feeling only for her sumptuous ass. “I don’t know if that’s love, but I do know what I feel is very strong,” I replied. I knew girls always believed lies so I knew she’d buy this.

She turned to face me, “are you sure?”

As if it was proof of anything, I pulled her blouse over her head thus stripping her totally naked, hugged and kissed her for minutes before delving for her boobs, smooching and sucking as if the last drop of milk on earth was inside them. By now my phallus was at full mast, so I flipped her face-down, placed double pillows under her stomach so that her bountiful nyash and pussy raised up to me, coated my dick with some more Vaseline and fucked her some more, riding her as she lay there biting into a third pillow to keep from screaming as I liberated her pussy.

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