I Can Teach You How To Get A Man, Keep Him, And Make Him Beg For More” – Mistress Of Seduction


Despite her stunning looks, Arden Leigh’s love life was a disaster – until she began rigorous study and training to become a weapon of mass seduction.

Now Arden, 27, teaches women across the world how to get a man, keep him — and make him beg for more.

She has created seduction techniques which she guarantees will help all women, no matter how they look, to land their dream man.

In an exclusive interview, Arden says: “I might come across as super-confident with men but I haven’t always been that way.

“In fact, I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 18 and didn’t have my first boyfriend or lose my virginity until I was 22.

“I was a barmaid, with a mundane job, and was massively unsuccessful in my love life. I was lonely, frustrated and miserable. I fell for men who didn’t feel the same way about me.

“But then I decided that enough was enough, I discovered the art of seduction, and everything changed.

“I’ve studied and honed my technique to a fine art, lost 20lb, corset-trained my waist and now have the skills to get the men I always thought were unattainable. In the past three years I’ve become a professional seductress and am now living the life of my dreams.

“I’ve slept with famous singers, writers and TV stars, proving that nobody is truly unattainable to me. But seduction is a life of service and isn’t easy. I can never be off my game and now I have dedicated my life to making sure all women can be as lucky in love as me.”

It was in 2008 when Arden first decided to dedicate her life to the art of seduction. Sick of hearing about her failing love life, one of her male friends suggested some reading material and she became fascinated by Neil Strauss’s controversial pick-up book The Game, as well as Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction.

Then she studied neurolinguistic programming, social dynamics and conversational hypnosis — changing people’s behaviour subconsciously — and soon realised she could change both her life and other women’s lives.

She says: “I set up a coaching forum called Siren Seductions. I had women begging for my expertise. I believe I am the only female pick-up artist and I don’t know of anyone else who does what I do for a living.”

Arden gives one-on-one classes and leads groups of women who gather twice a month. She says: “Women are always being told what lipstick, lingerie or bedroom tactics to use and, while I love these things, if that is all a women has in her arsenal she will not get very far.

“Women need to go after the man they want, to stop wasting their time worrying about what a text message means, and instead to concern themselves with working out a man’s weakness and discovering what brings him to his knees.

“I teach women how to become the centre of attention, create their own fan base and go after what they want. Don’t hate the stiletto-wearing stunner who turns heads in a bar, become her.

“I go from the very basics, such as flossing and waxing, to doing role play.”

One of her clients was a London businesswoman who was successful and attractive but had a stalled love life. Arden says: “There was one ‘target’ she was interested in but she couldn’t get him to notice her, so she called me.

“She insisted she had tried it all — subtle glances across the crowded room, flirty body language when he approached her — but after listening, I reckoned she hadn’t tried much at all. To seduce, you cannot let fear of rejection override your desire and that’s what she did.

“Once I had talked her through some of my tried-and-trusted techniques, I am happy to say she landed the man of her dreams.

“Perhaps the women who come to me just want the confidence to chat up a man, perhaps marriage, maybe just mind-blowing sex with a man they think out of their league. I can help them achieve all three and much, much more.

“Women often need to address insecurities, to become smoother and more confident. Ladies need to create a fan club for themselves. They should become a personality, an idol for people to worship. I have advised the braver seductresses in my circles to create a burlesque character and perform locally.

“Learn to command a room because then you will have men falling into your hands by your reputation alone.

“Talk like a man, too. Don’t tell them about your past and how screwed over you were. Think before you speak and keep what you say to the point. Men don’t like whiners.

“Being intense won’t get you a man, either, and certainly won’t make him stick around. It’s a turn-off, that’s a fact.

“You also need to create a chance to meet the man you fancy by finding his usual haunts. Turn up at that bar or restaurant when you know he will be there then aim to get him away from his friends for time alone.

“It’s not stalking, it’s just being proactive. Life is too short to wait for someone to find us. Women should actively pursue the man they want.”

But seduction — which Arden says should also include losing your accent if it is annoying, and wearing all one colour to stand out — does not stop once you get your man. Your home must also ooze seduction.

Arden, from New York, says: “Dog hairs and crusty dishes aren’t sexy. Ensure you have nice sheets — 600-thread-count sheets and luxury pillows make all the difference.”

Her book, The New Rules Of Attraction: How To Get Him, Keep Him, And Make Him Beg For More, explains more. Arden adds: “Thanks to the techniques, I learnt no man is unattainable to me — and so, I don’t mind admitting, I’ve become a nymphomaniac. I just love sex, especially now I can have any man.

“Women who hate what I do are jealous. When women are proactive about love, it reminds others they are not doing it.

“I want to help women embody their best self and to get the man they deserve.”


Culled From; The Sun

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