The Ultimate Sex Tip That Will Drive Her Crazy



So, you have noticed that your partners don’t get as much pleasure as you want them to get? And you want some sex tips to drive her crazy?

Good… there’s nothing a bit of research over the Internet can’t accomplish. As you know, what will keep your partner coming back to you for more is the orgasm. So, you need to give your girl orgasms – as long as you can give her orgasms each and every time you have sex, she will go totally crazy for you.

The 2 Sensations That Will Send Her Into Orgasms…

The number one sex tip to drive her crazy is to learn what actually gives women orgasms. There are 2 types of pleasure inducing nerve endings in the genitals of a woman. The first is the clitoral tissue. The second is the cervical tissue. Some women require you to touch the cervix (the ending of the vagina) for orgasms, some don’t. But ALL of them require stimulation of the clitoral tissue.

Now… by the clitoral tissue I don’t mean clitoris. Sure, the clitoris has a lot of clitoral tissue but it’s not all. The tissue is actually all around the vaginal canal – the vaginal walls neighbor clitoral tissue. So, keeping these in mind now…

The Ultimate Sex Tip to Drive Her Crazy!

First – whatever you do, you have to stimulate the area for some time. You won’t give your girl orgasms in 30 seconds. So, the best way to give her a wild orgasm is to start with oral sex (cunnilingus). The trick is this: You start physically stimulating her by licking and sucking her clitoris – but be careful, she shouldn’t have an orgasm during this. You have to give her the orgasm with your penis. It’s your penis that will make her come back for more.

The plan is to start by stimulating and arousing her so much that she is ready to have an orgasm. Most women want their man to fill them up completely – this sensation will be the final trigger for her to have the orgasm. This works so well – done properly you don’t even have to last that long, because she will be already close.

A Couple More Points…

If your girl still can’t have orgasms regardless of how long you go down on her and how long you last inside her, then she either requires you to touch her cervix to have an orgasm, or she requires more stimulation and friction in her vaginal walls during intercourse. This is why size can seriously matter when giving your girl orgasms.

Don’t forget – the greatest sex tip to drive her crazy is to give her what he wants – so don’t hesitate to ask!


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