Diary Of A Sex Freak – Part 2


Men in the position of power thrill me…

I figured this out the first time I screwed my lecturer. He was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. First time I had to take his class, all I could think about was ripping of his crisp, blue shirt and leaving him weak-kneed as I ride him to a point of oblivion.

On a cool, Wednesday afternoon, I got my chance.

At 19, rocking a pretty face, well-rounded, perky breasts, gorgeous legs and curvy ass, it really isn’t that hard to get men to take a second look. So, when I went to his office in the guise of wanting to give him a class assignment which I (purposely) did not submit until after the deadline, I could feel his eyes devour me as soon as I stepped in.

“You know I do not accept late submissions” he said in the husky voice have come to love.

“I’m really sorry sir, ” I replied as I feigned contriteness.

I had the seduction plot all planned out and I wore my short, black dress for the occasion. I should also mention I conveniently forgot to put on underwear.

As I approached his table, I knocked over his pen on purpose which I bent down to pick, knowing full well that this would give him a clearer view of my behind.

Our eyes met as I came back up. I could see the heat in his, and I could feel myself moistening in response. In no time at all, he was all over me, kissing, grabbing and nibbling at the parts he could reach. I eagerly unbuttoned his shirt as I grind against him.

His pants came down, my dress pulled up as I turned my behind to him and bent over his desk.

Ohh..the glorious invasion.

The harder he thrust, the more I wanted. I could feel my self building towards the sweet, sweet release as he grabbed my breasts and held on for dear life.

Feeling him close to climax, I let go; my own orgasm pushing him over the edge and seconds after, with one deep, final thrust, he gave me all he got.


As I turned my back and headed out of his office, I heard him say,

“Make sure your assignments are submitted on time from now on”

I smiled a slow, mischievous smile knowing fully well that is one instruction I’m never going to obey.

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