“I Married A Prostitute”


My wife was a very busy girl this past week. She had a date on Tuesday and when I got home of course I was hard thinking about her fucking some guy only minutes before.

I asked her how her date had been. She said it was alright.

How was the guy? She said that he was nice, very tall, good looking and fun. I was floored. Damn, let’s go upstairs and fool around. She was game.

We got upstairs and she still had on her sexy underwear that she had worn on the date. I tossed her onto the bed and pulled down her undies and proceeded to lick her up. I dove in with great enthusiasm. I licked and sucked until she started to cum very hard. When she had recovered, I dove in for round two, she tried to stop me but gave in to the pleasure that she was experiencing. She about popped my head with her thighs and I stood up and pulled her towards the edge of the bed and entered her.

I have always said that after my wife has had a larger man, she is usually tighter. This day was no exception and I could feel every nuance of her vagina, it was swollen and tight. It did not take me long to get off and it was awesome! We talked about her date, they had kissed, she sucked his dick and did sex doggie and missionary with him. He came in her with a condom and she thinks that he will be back. ( I hope so)

She had a date the next night with an Soldier guy that lives in town and is a regular client. I always look forward to her banging this guy!

When she got home she had her sexy lingerie on under her clothes still and we headed to the bedroom; again.

I love fucking my wife after she has been with another man. When I am kissing her I can smell and sometimes even taste the cum that has been in her mouth, this day was no exception. We call it me “kissing her dirty mouth” (a phrase she invented) and I am very happy to do that for and with her. It was good sex talking about the sex that she had just had only minutes before with another guy. He really likes her and they will be meeting again; I am looking forward to that one.

Next day, she was with this Soldier. We see the guy around time with his wife. My wife is empowered by knowing that she is giving kinky sex to this lady’s husband, sucking his dick and letting him act out in ways that she is sure would not be ‘approved’ of by the staid and tight-assed wife.

Anyway, the sex is pretty much the same each time. She arrives at the home, yeah the home, this only happens when the wife goes out of town! She changes into a school girl outfit or something sexy like that.

Army guy takes her down and she sucks his dick, he likes to face paint and do a Russian shot on the boobs. She loves to suck his dick since he gets off real easy and she loves to play in the cum.

After this shot they retire to the sofa or bed and then the sex begins. He gets her off orally and then he goes for the cunt with his dick. She says that he gets real vocal and talks about her liking his big dick (it is substantial, not huge but significant) and slaps her ass when he rides her hard. He cannot get off in this manner, he rides her in cow-girl, missionary, doggie and standing doggie, all the while “venting” in a sense about his pleasure and her letting him get off. Then he pulls out and dick on her face.

When she got home I get the second sex of the day (not bad for 20 years huh?) she told me where he had cum, I licked and sucked very bit of her face, neck and boobs while reclaiming my wife from the sexual onslaught that she had been subjected to. It was great, I love my slutty wife. She fucked three guys this week.

She is happy to look at these guys’ wives knowing that he would rather fuck her than the wife, I am happy to know that this guy is fucking my wife and that she LIKES fucking him.

That was my week, how was yours?

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