Your Sex Questions Answered


My uterus gets so tight that it hurts my partner?

My husband loves woman on top position because when I get on top of him, sex is great. With any variation of this position, I easily get to orgasm. As much as he says he makes him want to have sex daily because of this position but he complains that I get so tight that I almost break his penis into two. Is there bone in my vagina and uterus or what? But with missionary position or any other, he does not complain. Please, I am confused.

HDB Olobah

A woman does not have bone in her vagina or the uterus but she has a big broad and flat pelvic bone. And during sex, your man’s penis does not enter your uterus. What happens is that at each thrusting, the penis hits on the cervix which is the opening of your uterus. The cervix is a very strong muscle that stays close most of the time unless you are on your period of giving birth. When you experience an orgasm, the muscles in your vagina and uterus contract, which is very normal. It is the hitting of these contracting organs that makes it look as if he is hitting a bone-like substance, which means your vaginal and cervical wall is unusually strong. Your husband needs to get used to the strength of your vagina or take it easy while hitting.

Could I be infertile?

I have one testicle. Can I get my wife pregnant?

 Jimmy Coach

You totally can. You may have only one testicle, but it produces millions of sperms. And you need only one of the sperm cells to fertilise the egg for conception. So, you shouldn’t worry; you should still be fertile. Many men with only one testicle have had children.

If you want a baby and are worried that your wife is not getting pregnant, you may want to find a urologist who specialises in fertility, just to make sure everything is okay and to ease your mind. Your doctor will order a number of tests to make sure the remaining sperm cells are in working order. The tests that predict the chance of fertility include those for sperm count, volume, shape, and movement. (Sperm can be underdeveloped, abnormally shaped, or not able to move properly.) The doctor will also test to see that there is no trauma or blockages to your vessels, and may do hormonal and genetic testing as well. The good news is that there are many treatments for infertility, including medications for low sperm count. By the way, I met a man once with one testicle who fathered six kids.

How do I get in the mood for morning sex?

My man loves to get it on in the morning; he can go for two to three rounds non-stop, but I’m a night person. How can we synergise our sex appetites?

Mrs. Samsoleki Grace

This is a common issue for couples, as men’s testosterone peaks between 7 and 8 a.m. and women’s peaks in the evening.  I suggest that you discuss how you can make sure both of your needs are being taken care of. For instance, if you have sex twice a week, each of you should be willing to have sex once at the time of day when the other is feeling sexual. You can have a schedule, by this you are being considerate of each other.

And if you’re really exhausted or in a rush when he approaches you, say no, but suggest that tomorrow morning will work. Find ways to get yourself feeling hotter at daybreak:  this is very important to your husband. Try setting your alarm five minutes earlier so your senses have a chance to wake up to the chances that he’ll be receptive to night time advances, eat a light dinner and read something sexy together.  And no matter what time it is, you’ll often get into the mood once you get going, so just do it. You’ll be glad you did.

My husband can’t keep up with me

I keep wondering if it is okay for me to be this way, my husband can’t keep up with me sexually. He says my sexual demand is frustrating him; that it makes him appear he is not man enough each time he could rise to my expectation. But I see him look at some other women lustfully; what is happening? I want sex; he can’t really satisfy me but he looks lustfully at other women.

Mrs. Theresa okah

These days, I see an increasing number of married women who complain that they are much more interested in sex than their husbands; that their men just don’t have enough sexual energy.

Women and men can have active and frequent sex well into old age. Some men who are not sexually energetic lack sexual power sense at a particular season and not always. The same man who acts sexually lazy in the marriage bed can go through an entire day feeling aroused as he flirts in the office and fantasises while driving. But because his wife openly wants sex and it appears that he’s no longer the aggressor, the pursuer, he may not feel very sexual with her without this role.

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