10 Ways To Drive Her Crazy In Bed


Every man wants to be that special one that satisfy his woman in bed and keep her coming back for more.

A lot of mistake most men make is thinking that just because something works for Woman A, automatically, Woman B will love it. If you want to be the kind of man women cannot stop fantasizing about, that is one notion you should throw out the window immediately.

Now what are the things you need to know to drive her crazy?

Well, below are the top ten basic ways to know what she wants, make her toes curl, and perhaps even make her refer a friend. (Now isn’t that the dream?)

1. Foreplay. No, do not just go straight into the act. A woman’s body needs a little time to warm up. Keep your own erection in check while you get to know her body and have completely hot. Rule of foreplay, it should be long enough to make her ready for you, but not too long that she zones out and loses interest.

2. Listen to her. Her words, her moans, her body etc. Whether she is aware of it or not, a woman’s body reacts negatively or positively during sex. She might use her words to let you know what she likes. But there are also non-vocal ways she passes her message across. For instance, heavy breathing and toes curling are all good signs.

3. Keep things interesting. If you plan to keep her entertained, you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again. Spice things up. Change positions, Change directions, heck, you can even change locations. Because once you are stuck doing it the same way, you will then become predictable and no woman wants that in a partner.

4. Use your words. Most guys think they don’t need to say anything during sex. They believe it’s up to the woman to make sounds. You can’t be more wrong. It is a huge turn on when the guy can make the girl know what he likes by telling her or moaning approvingly. Also dirty talk in bed is not only erotic, but is one way to make her reach a deep mindblowing orgasm.

5. Hands On: Just coz you have both now gone straight to business, doesn’t mean you should forget to use your hands. Do not forget her pleasure to and often times, it takes more than the penis to do the trick.

6. Remember her erogenous zones: Remember during foreplay when she started moaning louder when your hands go to a particular part of her body? Well now that her clothes are off, you can now access those parts and completely drive her wild.

7. Encourage her to let go: Some women might find it harder to express themselves in bed. If that is the case, encourage her by telling her how sexy she is, how much she turns you on, how beautiful you find her, etc. Your words are as important as your action.

8. Take her home: If you are starting to feel her reach the point of orgasm, this is never a cue for you to stop. Keep doing whatever it is your doing (do it harder and faster where applicable), and you will no doubt give her a mindblowing one.

9. Don’t be afraid to get rough. Just because she seems soft and fragile doesn’t mean you should treat her like that in bed. Sometimes, a woman need to feel ravished so don’t be afraid to get rough. Listen to her body to know when she likes it and when it’s getting to much.

10. Aftermath. A woman still wants to feel special even after the act. So take a few minute to cuddle up, tell her how amazing the sex was and how much she satisfied you and no doubt she will already be planning your second tryst in her head.

3 comments on “10 Ways To Drive Her Crazy In Bed

  1. Preparing her is also important. Make sure she eats her favourite yummy and shes ok before you even begin the foreplay. You dont want her to be hungry and weak during the action. Besides, she would need energy to moan.
    Hunger could make a lady uncomfortable during sex.
    If she’s a type that dont mind a little alcohol, make her have a drink after she eats. It would make her more exiceted and she wont notice most of your wrong moves.

    Most women like being touched with strong hands, especially in areas with much flesh like the booty and thigh. Increase the pressure as you wander your hands all over her body and watch her reactions. If you notice she likes you touching her in a mild way, touch her mild. If she likes more pressure, use strong hands, increase the pressure. I had a girl whose hearth would beat so hard like it wanna blow up when i touch her with strong hands.

    Nice tips. keep it up.

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