Erotic Story: Drivin’ Me Crazy


It was getting late. Standing at the surprisingly crowded bus-stop in central Lagos at 10:33pm on a Friday night was not how I thought I will be ending the day. I was exhausted, confused, horny and frankly pissed off.

I have been waiting to board a bus for almost two hours, my white shirt clinging to my sweaty skin and my grey-colored tie looking so rumpled, some might think I got in a fight. Spending most of the evening cooped up in a meeting with my married female boss who I find extremely sexually attractive did nothing to improve my mood and knowing I am going back to my empty apartment with nothing but porn for company is also not helping. So you can only imagine my frustration at being stuck at the bus-stop for such a long time and have not been able to board a bus to get to my depressing apartment.

When the dark-blue jeep parked right in front of me, it took me about a second to acknowledge that the driver was a young pretty lady before countless people headed straight to the passenger’s door hoping for a ride. The crowd slowly dispersed after the driver said something to them and I assumed she was not there to pick up passengers. I turned to take a few steps away from the car when I heard the honk. I looked down at the jeep and the driver beckoned to me. I walked on over. She asked me if I wanted a ride, surprised and immensely relieved, I hopped in.

After sitting down and latching on my seat-belt, I turned to once again thank the lady and to ask why she did not pick up the other passengers when my breath caught in my throat. This lady was not just pretty, like I earlier thought (perhaps, due to my exhaustion) but gorgeous. She was dressed in the slinkiest and shortest red dress I have ever seen. Her plunging neckline gave me an erotic view of her ample cleavage and the dress barely covered her privates. Gawd! I got rock hard in a matter of moments – My black pants barely able to contain my erection. I was scared to speak just in case my voice betrayed what I am thinking which was to drive my rock hard cock straight into her and forget the frustrating day.

Sneaking peeks at her cleavage and watching her hips flex as she drove certainly got my heart racing. I remained resolutely silent.

“You look really tired..”  she says after a few minutes.

“huh huh”  I mumbled.

“Bad day?” she asks.

“huh.” I mumbled again.

“You seem to be the shy kind.” she says this time but something in her voice made me look her way again and I caught her staring at my bulging erection.

I couldn’t help myself, my gaze slid down once again to her legs, where the little red dress ended. She took my hand and guided it down to the point where I have just been staring. My heart began beating even faster and my left hand seemed to have a mind of its own as it found its way into her pussy. I was almost tripping on myself when I realized she was not wearing panties and her wetness was totally apparent. I began stroking her clit, savoring the warmth, slipping an eager finger in her while her urgent moans urged me on.

I was so out of it that it wasn’t until I felt her hand on my dick that I realized she had parked the car at a secluded location. She began stroking me slowly through my pants and I could have died from pure arousal. With my other hand, I unzipped my pants, giving her easier access. She suddenly removed her hand, unhooked the seatbelt and got out of the car. Fearing that she might have changed her mind and cursing my bad luck, I quickly zipped my pants and got out too.

“I am gonna lean against this car and you will come over here and fuck me hard on this street. Fuck who sees.” she says.

I needed no telling twice. I got by her side and turned her to the car facing the door. I caught her watching reflection on the driver’s window glass. I watched her ecstatic expression too as I drove my bulging dick straight into her. Fucking her was just pure bliss. I raised her hands up and pushed it against the glass proceeded to make my way straight to her chest to grab those tantalizing breasts. She moaned even louder as I reached her nipples and begged me to fuck her even harder.

“Make me your whore, fuck that cunt like you own it. Fuck me like a slut. Give it to me haaaarrrrd.” she screamed.

I did not hesitate. I rammed straight into her and enjoying the feel of her wet cunt as it enveloped my raging dick.

“Make me cum. I’m sooo close, make me cum.” she moaned again. And feeling my climax building too, I gave it my all as I began to fuck her in earnest. She screamed even louder as I felt her explode around me. That became my undoing because in a matter of seconds, I reached my climax while grabbing her boobs and groaning with pure bliss.

A few seconds later, still breathing heavily, I took a step back and began pulling my pants on. She stepped into the car. I was startled when she started the ignition and I was about to make my way to the passenger’s side when she drove off. Leaving me spent, drained and confused.

Catching the last glimpse of the dark-blue jeep as it rounded a corner, I wasn’t even sure I minded.

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