The Simple Thing That Could Save Your Sex Life


It’s simpler than you may think. If you or your partner really dislike condoms, it’s likely that finding the right condom size will dramatically improve your sex life.

While the concept of correct condom size is rarely taught in schools, it is the most critical factor to both increasing your safety — and your pleasure with condoms.

Just as you wouldn’t wear the wrong size shoe and just as you may fully understand the subtlety of a perfect fitting bra, a well-fitting condom will take your (and your partner’s) mind off of the condom and on to giving and receiving pleasure.

First, you need to know that condoms are available in three basic sizes.

If you have ever had a partner where the condom slipped around, or even came off inside of you (and yes, that does happen) — that partner probably should switch to using a smaller than standard condom.

Once you have a general idea on what condom size you need to buy, there are subtleties to pay attention to. Just as one shoe rubs your heel and some bras, even in your correct size, are more comfortable than others, condom quality is often the next step in ensuring better sex with condoms. As in so many things, with condoms, you get what you pay for.

Free condoms are generally lackluster, and splurging a little more money generally, greatly improve your pleasure.

The best advice (once you’ve determined the best size to use) to those committed to improving their sex with condoms is to get ready to explore a variety of condoms. Yes, your homework assignment is to have more sex.


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