I Have Been Having Sex With Eddie Murphy For Years Now – Transsexual Boasts


Popular Comedian and movie star Eddie Murphy has been blasted on twitter by a transsexual who claims they had a sexual relationship with the star.

The transsexual, whose screen-name is Honey Dip Ashton said she has been having sex with Eddie since she was 17.


She has threatened to sue Eddie for $1. 2million, and will leak audio of herself in negotiations with Eddie’s lawyer, Marty Singer.

This is not the first time the Naughty Professor Star has been accused, rumours have been circulating about his relationship with transsexuals.

See Honey’s tweet below:



hondip16 hondip15  hondip13 hondip12 hondip11 hondip10 hondip9 hondip8 hondip7 hondip6 hondip5 hondip4 hondip3 hondip2

READ MORE:  http://news.naij.com/66084.html

READ MORE:  http://news.naij.com/66084.html

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