Nollywood Actress Opens Up About Her Orgasms


The fast-rising sexy Nollywood actress Chika Agatha, who got popularity after the successful release of the movie “The Sex on the Beach and Sons of Zebedee“, openly talked about sex, vibrators and orgasms in  a recent interview.

When the Nigerian sex bomb, who likes exciting men’s minds by showing her hot body, was asked whether she could use a vibrator to satisfy her sexually, the Anambra State born actress said she preferred men to vibrators:

“It could be helpful for some people who do not have relationships but seriously, Nigerian guys are very able bodied men.”

The interviewer also asked the busty movie diva to speak about getting paid for sex, to which she responded:

“Instead of jumping around from one place to the other with loads of people you don’t really know, it’s safer to do it with someone you know, someone close to you, even someone you can actually give yourself to, if you are not dating. Not for payment of any kind or for exchange of money.”

Chike finds it hard to understand why some women have sex for money, because for her no matter how much one pays, she won’t have orgasm without having feelings for a person.

Developing the topic the young actress said:

“For me, orgasm is really something out of the physical. It’s more of psychological than sex itself because I could have sex and not cum but what makes me cum is who the person is, what feelings I have for the person.”

This woman definitely knows what she wants!

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