PHOTOS: Couple Caught Having Sex In Bank


A lustful couple was caught having sex inside a bank foyer next to the cash machine in Oviedo, Spain.

It was learnt that the couple couldn’t wait to get home for a pleasant pastime and just dropped in the bank for a hot, sexy session. 

As the windows of the bank were not curtained, passers-by could see the whole process from all angles, some of them even took photos and applauded.


Pictures taken by the excited onlookers show the naked couple in the heat of the moment with their clothes scattered all around them. Over time some of the witnesses called the police and the patrol came to the scene.

But nothing could embarrass the amorous couple – they kept making love even when the police officers knocked on the door asking them to stop. And only when they entered the building and ordered them to get dressed did they immediately obey.


The police officers claimed that they establish the lawbreakers’ identity although it’s still unknown whether any charges will be brought. The Provocative pictures have already become viral on the Internet.

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