4 Ways To Know You Rock Her World In Bed


Class is in session guys: Are you her boss in the bedroom? Or a struggling assistant? Let’s take a look at how her behavior lets you know she’s feeling you.

She’s Wearing Heels to Bed
Women want to feel beautiful and desired. If she’s dressing up for you it’s a sign that you make her feel attractive.

She Gives You Instructions
A woman knows how you can touch her to get her off. So if she’s speaking up, it means she feels comfortable. And if she’s not, it’s time to ask her what feels good.

She Wants More. And More
The more good sex people have, the more they tend to want. Better yet if she tries new things, like sex toys. It shows she thinks of sex with you as an investment.

She Reminds You How Good It Was
Duh. But if she doesn’t? Say something like, ‘I’m happy with our sex life, but is there anything you want to try?’. “You might get the chance sooner than you think.”

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