5 Ways to Seduce Her with Your Mouth


You probably know one surefire way to turn her on using your mouth. But that’s not what this story is about. That comes later.

Instead, this is about those first moments after you catch her eye across the bar and she flashes you an inviting “come give me your best shot” smile. Obviously, she’s checked out your look and your posture, the way you interact with your buddies, and all the other subtle cues evolution has pre-programmed her brain to search for when evaluating a potential mate.

From here on out, your mouth will decide whether she deems you a keeper or tosses you back into the pond with your pals. Don’t flounder.

Talk Smart

Women are attracted to “verbal fluency”—a big vocabulary, long, complex sentence structures, and smooth delivery. All of these speech characteristics signal to her that you’re smart, educated, and probably capable of earning lots of dough. As much as you’re able, Use big words and—more than anything else—speaking confidently and without long pauses.

Keep the Smiles to a Minimum

Women regard too much smiling as a sign of femininity and timidity—both of which are turn-offs, according to a study. Researchers asked more than 1,000 people to rate photos of the opposite sex in terms of hotness. Smiling men were judged least attractive by the ladies—behind shame-faced, prideful, or guys with neutral expressions. That doesn’t mean you should be a stone-faced hardass when you approach her. Just lose the permanent grin, the research suggests.

Deploy the Proper Joke

More than any other personality trait, a good sense of humor unlocks the door to her bedroom. Why? Women regard a sense of humor as a sign of intelligence and honesty. But there’s one big catch: Women dig positive, inclusive jokes—not negative jabs or put-downs. Ditch the sarcasm, insults, and unflattering observations of others. Instead, your goal is witty, kind-hearted banter.

Interrupt Her

It sounds rude, but occasionally cutting in to finish her sentences or agree with her—”I feel exactly the same way!”—shows her you’re both on the same page. While men tend to let each other finish sentences, women constantly interrupt one another while chatting. Doing likewise can make her feel more comfortable and close to you, but only if what you say builds on or supports what she’s saying. Cutting in to change the subject is a no-no.

Kiss Her Like You Mean It

She laughed at your jokes and seemed to dig your big words. But the last obstacle is a treacherous one: the first kiss. Blow it, and any interest she had in you can evaporate in an instant. These are the three important elements of a winning starter smooch: Good breath, little-to-no tongue, and assertiveness. Pop a mint on your way out of the bar, take her face in your hands, and look her in the eyes as you lock lips. Keep your mouth relaxed and your saliva to yourself, and you’ll knock her socks off.

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