Erotic Story: Amaka


I woke up to slurping sounds and a familiar warmth around my dick. I’d had awesome sex with Amaka last night and slept over at her place. Her bed was so soft and comfortable that I’d been too lazy to get off it and go over to my place so I slept there instead.

We’d fucked like crazy last night and I’d been too exhausted to even eat the dinner she made for me. I woke up with a hunger in my stomach, and Amaka’s mouth around my very erect dick. She was sucking so hard on the dick that my heart suddenly started to beat faster than normal. I groaned at the intense pleasure she was giving to me. She sucked me so good, taking my whole length into her mouth until I could feel the tip of my dick at the entrance of her esophagus.

“Aaah, Amakaaa!” I exclaimed as she sucked me even harder, making my hip move as I gently fucked her mouth. I reached for her breasts and massaged the soft flesh, flicking her nipple with my fingers… squeezing it and making her moan on my dick. The vibration from her moan brought a tingle to the tip of my cock. Just as I couldn’t take it any longer and my balls began to contract Amaka stopped sucking and held my dick in her hand, looking at me with a smile on her lips.

“Good morning Joey.” She called me Joey, in such a sexy way that I wanted to drag her, ram my hard dick into her pussy and pound her senseless. But I let her do what she wanted to do.

“Good morning hun,” I replied. “A very strange way to wake me up” I said, giving her a sarcastic smile and caressed her cheeks. She smiled back and said “this is what you get for making me happy last night.” And with that, she climbed on top of me, brought her lips to mine and kissed me deeply, letting her tongue roam in my mouth. I tasted my pre-cum in her mouth but I didn’t care. Just as she lay on me, kissing me, she used one hand to guide my dick into her already moist pussy.

“I woke up early and thoughts of last night came flooding through my mind” she whispered to me as my dick slowly made its way into her pussy. “It probably was the best sex I’ve ever had.” She said this while looking so dreamily at me while my cock had completely entered inside her and her waist had begun to ululate.

What she said made me feel was a gush of pride and excitement at the same time. I raised an eyebrow and said “Really?”

Both my hands grabbed her buttocks and I vigorously thrust into her from beneath. She closed her eyes and moaned. I covered her mouth with mine and kept thrusting harder and harder into her from beneath. Making her moan even more. I went faster, slamming my crotch against hers as her cum began to drip from her. Soon enough her pussy walls gripped my turgid cock tighter than before, making me moan with her.

She called my name and told me to fuck her. I fucked her. I grabbed her waist with both hands and held her in mid-air as my own waist increased in speed, ramming my cock into her pussy faster than before. She arched her back and held me tight as her orgasm engulfed her. Her moans had become wails now as I thrust one last time into her, my cum shooting straight into her vagina. At that last thrust I screamed like never before. Then I collapsed on the bed. Amaka still lay on top of me, and kissed me again. I wasn’t sure what was going on between us but I felt that I could spend the rest of my life with her.

I got up, showered, got my things and walked back to my place, as Amaka was about to go for afternoon service at her church. Immediately I got into my house I realized how hungry I was. I didn’t eat the previous night before giving Amaka the best fuck of her life and that same morning I just fucked her again on an empty stomach. I checked the wall clock in the living room to find that it was almost 12 in the morning. It was a Sunday morning, no church for a wretched sinner like me so I grabbed my wallet and car keys and drove to find a good place to have the dinner I missed and my breakfast as well.



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  1. admin, it simply amazing readin yur tales. . . I must confess that i’ve learnt xo much steps whch im gonna apply vry soon. . . . Keep it up.

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