4 Tips For Mindblowing Quickies


Men have a rep of being randy all day, every day. But—and this isn’t news to you: women are pretty lustful too. So why aren’t we setting the sheets on fire more often? Blame our busy schedules. 

A study suggests that the more you and your partner’s sexual desires aren’t met, the more you’re likely to fight and feel dissatisfied with your union.

But there’s an easy, convenient, and pleasure-filled solution: the quickie. It’s all about fast, hot, unbridled passion, and who wouldn’t want to make time for that? With little foreplay (or concern about taking off all your clothes), the encounter can take even less time than it would to queue up your sexy-music playlist. Quickies can also inject some spontaneous passion into your relationship.

What’s more, if you have trouble orgasming through intercourse alone, you can still experience the rush of adrenaline and oxytocin, your body’s feel-good hormone, that comes with a sexy hookup. So are you game for exciting satisfaction in minimal time? Read on for some helpful tips.

Lead with Your Head
Arousal starts in the mind, so drumming up excitement before your quick tryst will help you feel desperate for sex. Send a private, naughty text to your guy to give him a taste of what’s to come the next time you see each other. It’s a great way to flirt.”

Not comfortable sending X-rated messages? A more cheeky text (like “I can’t wait to rip your clothes off”) could spell out what you want to do to him. Later, when you’re together, make sure you put your phone down:

Be Novel with Locations
Some women have admitted they’d like to have a quick one on the beach; the next most popular sites were a hot tub, an open field, and the restroom of a restaurant or nightclub. New and relatively safe places like these can get you both steamy in seconds, since unfamiliar surroundings can awaken your senses. Plus, they can add a very hot sense of urgency.

The brain is the biggest sex organ, and anytime you try something new, you’re stimulating the brain’s appetite for novelty. But use good judgment (and make sure to follow the law) when choosing a spot. And be on the lookout for passersby, creeps with cameras (you don’t want to end up on YouTube)—and, er, the police. If you’re not ready to be so risky, pick an empty room (with a lockable door) at a party or other private event.

Get Slippery
Lubrication is your body’s way of telling you that you’re turned on—but it can take time to get flowing. Nearly all women need some added lubrication at one time or another, regardless of their age, you should have a water-based formula on hand. Just a little can get you raring to go instantly, reducing awkward or painful friction. In fact, women who used lube during the deed reported significantly higher levels of satisfaction and pleasure compared with those who didn’t, according to a recent study.

Take the Direct Route
Don’t waste time getting into complicated, acrobatic-like positions (save those for longer, more experimental sessions). For instance, if you feel the urge to have sex when you first wake up, simply spoon with your man (so that you’re facing away from him) and guide him inside you. Trust us, he won’t mind.

Not in bed? Doggie-style can be done in many locations and deliver lightning-fast orgasms for you and deep penetration for him. If you’ve chosen a firm surface (like a table or desk), missionary position is perfect for clitoral stimulation by his pubic bone area. Or try stand-up sex, and have him reach down and touch you as he thrusts, to send you over the edge in record time.

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