Positions To Make Oral Sex Even Hotter

orrllGoing down is pretty high up there among our favorite things to do, but the same old routine is going to feel, well, routine, after a while. If you’re looking to add extra sprinkles to your ice cream cone, there’s a lot of ways to spice up the position!

Oral sex has a built-in power dynamic that can tip either way. If she likes being submissive, try a position where you’re in control. She’s feeling powerful? Let her climb on top and express that urge! Either way, use your hands. A lot. Hands can add to the overall sensation and create a fantastic experience for both of you.

Heightened senses
Have her slip a blindfold over your eyes, and then go to town — er, go down. If you don’t have a blindfold, any strip of soft fabric will do, like a scarf or a tie. The lack of visuals will help you focus even more on what’s going on with her tongue and lips, and make the experience that much more intense.

Don’t just lie back while getting a blowjob. Up the sensation ante with S&M lite by tugging on her hair, spanking her bottom and gently pinching her nipples. You can do work in the kink action whether you’re on the receiving or giving end.

The “88”
One of the things some men don’t like about blowjobs is usually you can’t see the girl’s butt while you’re getting one. But with a little clever positioning you can! It’s almost like a 69 position on your side, but it’s probably more of an 88. Start by laying on your back and then, while keeping your butt in the same spot, twist your torso to one side. Bringing your knees up will help with this movement. Now she should do pretty much the same thing, but reversed so the lower half of her body is twisted and the front of her body is flat on the bed, chest down, with her butt in your face. With a little practice…., BAM! You’re getting a sweet blowjob while being able to look at, touch, or otherwise play with her butt at the same time.

The Venus Fly Trap
She lies on her back across the bed, sideways, with her head hanging comfortably over the side. You gently guide yourself into her mouth, where she can move your penis to the side of her mouth to prevent the gag reflex. The nice thing about this position is it allows her to explore her own hot spots while pleasing you. It also allows you to stimulate her as well by massaging her breasts or reaching down to tease her clitoris or slide a finger inside her. If height and comfort level allows for it, you can lean forward and return the oral favor — an absolute must if you have good manners.

The Supple Orchid
Starting on her hands and knees, she lowers her face to the bed or floor, resting on a stack of pillows, if necessary. The goal is to have her backside higher than her head, which exposes her more fully from underneath, allowing you access from the back. If this is done with her knees at the edge of a bed, you can get lower and work your way up, licking her perineum, the diamond-shaped region between her vulva and butt, in zigzag motions, enabling her to have a perineal orgasm.

Pray For You
In this position, you’re standing against the side of the bed, and depending on how high your bed is, she’s kneeling on the bed or on the floor. Spread your legs to allow her head to nuzzle between them, giving her access to your balls and anus so that she can go to town with all of them all at once. When you climax, you will feel like you just had a religious experience.

The Little Prayer
You’re kneeling at the edge of the bed while she sits or lies back, facing you with legs open. Kneeling can add a power dynamic: She may feel you’re really in service to her pleasure, and you may feel and like that too. This position provides ready access to the vulva for a little penetration/G-spot stimulation. Once you are in the intense rhythmic place, that’s NOT the time to mix it up with new moves. If it’s working, keep going!

Side 69
Tasting how excited you are making her, feeling her clitoris throbbing in your mouth and the juices starting to stream down her lips is a major turn on for you, one that she gets to taste too, while she’s simultaneously sucking your shaft and cupping your balls, says House. Because you are both on your sides, you have more freedom of movement with your heads so that you can really get into the movements. Moan when it feels good and you have added vibrations to the mix!

Stand And Finger
You’re standing against the side of the bed, she is laying on her side along the side of the bed and she is sucking your shaft, getting her hands involved with the perfect amount of twist and pull, as her tongue twirls around your tip. You are fingering her clitoris, then taking her wetness and swirling your finger around her nipples. As she gets more excited, her enthusiasm increases and she gets lost in the sucking. She is feverishly getting you going until she tastes your pre-cum, which turns her on even more.

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