Singer, Adokiye Tells Us Why She’s Still A Virgin


Controversial singer cum actress, Adokiye Kyrian popularly known as Adokiye has revealed that there is no sexual harassment in Nollywood.

The actress who recently revealed that she is  a virgin was interviewed by Vanguard and she said so many thing bothering on Nollywood and the movie industry ethics. The delectable singer, who recently challenged Boko Haram to deflower her so as to release the kidnapped Chibok girls, always seems to have her hands on the pulse of things.

If she is not making something happening, something is happening about her. You need to read what Adokiye told Vanguard in a new interview about sexual harassment in Nollywood.

Read below excerpts from the interview:

  • What have you been up to lately?

 Well, I have been working on movies I got called to do. And the movies are yet to come out.

  • How would you cope with sexual harassment in the movie industry?

 There is nothing like sexual harassment. Don’t let any girl deceive you. No director, marketer, Producer or film maker would harass anybody sexually. Those girls saying it do so to get noticed by the directors, producers, marketers and the rest of them. And some of them are not even good artists. The only way they thought they could get movie roles is to offer their body. When they get
disappointed on account of their own inabilities to put up good performances at auditions, they come out crying that so and so have sexually harassed them. It is the order of the day among some wannabe actresses.

  • But those that are good at what they do get work and would not come out to tell you they have been sexually harassed.

 Although harassment is everywhere, be it in Nollywood, in the offices, even in the music industry. It is the same story everywhere but it is hardly what you would call sexual harassment. When two people fancy each other and decide to go for each other, I don’t think that qualifies as sexual harassment. In fact, I think some girls are the ones harassing the film-makers sexually because they offer themselves to these people because of their lack of talent. If you ask me, I think a lot of girls should be educated on this issue of sexual harassment in Nollywood.

  • So, what is the secret behind your still being a virgin?

 (Laughs) Should we talk about this virgin thing again? Well don’t you think a very young girl at 23 still owes that much to herself ?

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