EROTIC STORY: Bathroom Luvin’


He took his sweet time with me.

He soaped my body and got to know me, and I gasped as he rubbed bubbles all over my rounded breasts. He turned me around slowly and took a few moments to admire my ass in silence.

“Damn,” he said under his breath. His dick was pressed against my thigh and he used the washcloth to drip bubbles down my back. He licked my earlobes and suck the back of my neck as I moaned into the darkness and pressed my hand to mu pussy. Juice leaked from me immediately, and I reached back and offered hum my fingers which he licked one by one.

I turned around and kissed him, tasting myself in his mouth and he slid two fingers inside of me as he sucked gently on my tongue. Then he left my lips and bent slightly. He got to licking on my breasts like they were lollipops. My pussy was on fire. I grabbed his dick and started stroking him, faster and faster. He took it as long as he could then he moved my hands and cupped my ass, guiding he head of his dick into my opening and sliding into me with one single stroke. He pushed as deep as he could go, like he wanted it to come out of my throat, as if he knew just what I needed. There was still some of him left outside of me and I tried my best to suck it in with my muscles.

My pussy was filled to the brim and I wanted it to stay that way forever. I vibrated over that dick. Clenched its thickness with my walls. Savoured the sensation as it slammed all the way to the very back of my pussy.

He reached for my tits and squeezed them. I was busy humping and grinding. Getting fucked thoroughly and loving it. The more he stroked and bit down on my nipple, the hotter and wetter my pussy got.

“Don’t stop,” I panted rapidly. His tongue circled my nipples and made my whole body tremble.

“Oh……” I whimpered. Tears were coming out my eyes he was fucking me so good. I threw my head back and moaned. And hen my whole body fell loose. Every muscle in me spasmed and shook as I screamed and then came, pussy squirting, bouncing up and down in those nine thick inches.

“I’m not gonna come,” he whispered, and pulled out of me. I came back to reality and felt guilty. I’d gotten down with him without any protection, which I knew wasn’t smart at all. Good thing he had major dick control. If he had gotten me pregnant, I would never have been able to blame it on my husband. The only way that tiny-dicked nigga could put a baby far enough in somebody’s pussy was with a slingshot and some supersperm.

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