Is Bigger Always Better When It Comes To Penis Sizes?

straight talk

In recent times, the rate at which the human race worries over the sizes of  all the ‘equipments’ it has been endowed with is alarming.

Men and women alike wake up each day trying to enhance all the features that make them who they really are. It also isn’t surprising again to hear about boobs, penis, butts enlargement and the rest but in all, everything still boils down to the fact that many thoughts have been filtered by the porn industry.

Like the porn industry has portrayed overtime, a man has to have some certain inches before he is seen as a real man with ‘great assets’. This, in turn makes a man who does not have up to the size, think he has been short-changed by the creator, he is not capable of making a woman feel like a woman, he needs to add more inch/inches to be whole and lots more.

What many do not understand is that most of all the scenes portrayed in a foreign music video and also porn videos are doctored. The auditioning for the characters and dancers are strictly based on the sizes of every of their bodily features, hence, the accumulation of heavily endowed men who get you thinking all men in the world are endowed aside from you.

Just like your fingers, different lengths,  XS. S. M. L. XL, are different sizes but they all function well without one feeling like the other is more useful. According to Olamide Craig, a pastor and also a doctor, a man does not necessarily have to be ‘big’ before he can be able to satisfy a woman; In fact, it is knowing what the woman wants and how to go about it that makes the woman gets to the peak.

Olamide Craig in a series of tweets yesterday talked earnestly, explaining elaborately what men need to know about their ‘engine house’. Here are a few tweets below:

He however ended by saying:  

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