8 Times You’re Misreading Her Sexual Language


Here’s a scary thought: you could be completely wrong about how good you are in bed. You could be reading her signals to “please stop that right now!” as signals to keep going. Because every little sound and movement is so subtle when you’re in the act, it’s easy to have little misunderstandings that stop her from experiencing the big O. Here are times you’re misreading her sexual language.

1. She wiggles when you’re down there

Have you ever had your partner sort of wiggle when you were performing oral on her? Maybe shake her hips a little or kick her legs a little? And did you think she was wiggling with pleasure?

If a woman is enjoying what you’re doing down there, she’s going to stay mostly perfectly still. If she’s moving her hips or legs around, she’s trying to encourage you to wrap things up.

2. When she’s bouncing on top

Has it ever happened that your partner was on top, and she was bouncing up and down, and seemed to be enjoying herself so much, that you then grabbed her hips and tried to help guide her movements? Helping her bounce, essentially, more? Did you think you were helping her climax?

Usually when a woman is on top, she knows exactly how to move to get herself to orgasm. Any sort of “assistance” you give her is just getting in the way.

3. When she’s holding her breasts

This is another thing that women will do when they’re on top sometimes: hold they’re breasts. Maybe you took that as an indicator she wanted you to grab and touch her breasts.

She’s holding her breasts because it hurts when they bounce up and down during sex. She’s pain managing. Unless you’d like to hold them perfectly still for her, just let her handle those for now.

4. When she wants more of “that”

Whatever “that” is, if you’re doing that, and she likes it and says “more of that,” trick question: do you actually do more of that? But, really?

For some reason, sometimes when men hear “more of that” they think they should do “that” faster, harder, more aggressively etc. We don’t mean do a heightened variety of whatever you were just doing. We mean, literally, do exactly what you’re doing for longer.
5. When she really gets into it, down thereIf your partner is performing oral on you, and she starts to get really into it, moving faster, applying more pressure and just generally getting a little more aggressive (in a good way) do you know what you’re supposed to do?

Don’t take this as a sign that you can then push her head or grab her hair. You don’t get to be aggressive just because she is. If you like what she’s doing, tell her with your words and your sounds of pleasure. But other than that, let her do her thing, hands-off.

6.When she rolls onto her sideIt’s probably happened that, while you were in some form of missionary, your partner rolled onto her side. And then you gently rolled her all the way onto her stomach and moved into some position from behind.

If she wanted to roll onto her stomach that’s what she would have done. There are a lot of great pleasure spots you hit when having sex on your sides. She got on her side because that’s what she wanted.

7.When she’s touching herself

If your partner starts touching herself during sex, do you think that’s a demonstration of what you’re supposed to do for her?

Generally if a woman wants you to touch her, she’ll ask you to. If she’s touching herself, it’s because she knows just what to do at this moment to reach orgasm. Don’t interrupt!

8. When she gets acrobatic

If you happen to have a flexible partner, good for you. She might contort her body into some fun positions during sex. But is that supposed to be interactive?

Just because she’s lifted her leg up somewhere doesn’t mean you can then push it further into that position. She knows the limits of her own body—she’s stretched as far as she can!


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