5 Things Everyone Must Know About Sex Before Its Too Late


Whether straight or gay, all humans are sexual beings.

Quite a number of people have jumped into the train of having sex without even knowing these few facts we are about to discuss. While many did not plan it but somehow met themselves in the train, few deliberately get into it thinking they have a whole of knowledge about sex.

Yes, sexual experiences are quite different from one person to another, there are however simple basic facts everyone should know about it, whether you are a man or a woman; this will enjoin you to having an utmost pleasurable experience, plus, give you an open mind.

1. You have a perfect body.

A whole lot of time, lots of people, women especially , feel the that they are too fat….or becoming too fat, while some men also feel they  do not have the required inch size….thereby heralding the fears of not enjoying sex the way it should be enjoyed. Yes, shed the weight if there is any need for it, but do not let it get in the way of your sexual experiences.

No amount of self-loathing can change the reality of a youthful body, so do the needful and enjoy what sex’s got to offer. When you keep brooding over how you feel, what your partner thinks and what other people thinks of your size, it gets in the way of  your enjoyable experiences. Work on yourself, think about how perfect you look and put in all efforts to make just fine! Your partner cannot be comfortable with your body if you are not.

2. Birth control is important.

The world in which e live in nowadays has made everything easier but sadly, many still do not take birth control as important as it is supposed to be taken. Ask questions from medical experts, take precautions, leave anything to the calendar!

There are many available birth control options. You just have to bee honest with yourself about your ability to remember to take a pill each morning or ask a guy to use a condom, and pick which is right for you. Anything!..Just take birth control seriously.

3. There is an instruction manual.

Do you think you’re having a dry sexual experience already? Nature provides the drive and the basic instincts for what goes where, but there’s a lot more to know when it comes to sex. Knowing how to go about it does not concern how old you are..You can be 40 and still not have a great ‘sexcapade’. As it is, variety is the spice of life…to those who are open to learning.

4. Interest will decline.

Times immemorial, many young partners fear this syndrome but this is natural and not necessarily a bad thing. And it happens to both men and women. People who are married with children and careers often blame their disinterest in sex on kids in the next room or bone-crushing fatigue, and though those things can certainly kill the mood, they also mask something that’s a natural part of aging.

5. Sex is better with someone you love.

For a mind blowing sweet, do it with someone you are ‘into’. This is because of the kind of mind-body connection that comes from good communication, lower inhibitions, and less pressure to be perfect — not to mention the hormones produced when you fall in love.

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