Oral Fixation


I find myself laying between his spread legs, my breasts pushed up against his balls and inner thighs, a beautiful cock inches from my watering mouth. (Actually my mouth has been watering in anticipation of this all day.)

I lean forward and run my tongue up his shaft, slowly, starting from his balls and, moving slowly, feeling each throbbing vein and bump, until I reach his head. My tongue circles his head and my lips open and surround it. He sighs and my pussy contracts. I reluctantly remove my lips and move back to his base, wrapping my tongue around the shaft from the left side. Again I move slowly up his cock, memorizing every inch. As I get back to the head of his cock, I can’t help but take him into my mouth and slide my tongue around his head, taking him just a bit deeper. I look up and he is watching me, licking his lips. I am wet and can feel the breeze cool against my wet pussy lips.

Again to the base, this time wrapping my tongue from the right side, I want him to be as wet as I am. I move up slower than before, knowing he is anticipating me reaching the top and taking him again into my warm mouth. I cup his balls in my hand my lips slide over his head, Sliding my nails lightly over them. My mouth moves up and down over his hard cock. Slow and steady taking just a bit more of him with every down stroke. I time my breathing as I pull him deeper and deeper past my lips until they reach the base of him and swallow around him.

He moans loudly and I pull back, smiling around his cock. God that sound turns me on. I use my hand to hold him still as again I begin to run my tongue along him. Licking him like a lollipop. My other hand is busy kneading his balls lightly. My tongue flicks out and scoops up the small amount of pre-cum he has for me and I moan in pleasure. I want more. Again I start my slow slide up and down his cock, pulling him deeper and deeper, this time when he as deep as he can go, I just hold him there, enjoying the feel of him in my mouth, against my tonsils, down my throat, until he moans loudly. I have to back off, I want to do this all night.

I use my hands to lift him towards my mouth. I run my thumbs up and down him, massaging him into a more relaxed state while I run my teeth lightly over his head. He gains control and I begin again licking him until he is wet, up and down ever so slowly. I refrain from bringing him into my warm wet mouth as long as I can, and then I slide my lips over him, my tongue leading the way and slowly take all of him, right down to the base, into my warmth. He moans as his cock moves past my tonsils and I cream. This time I as I move up and down, I take less and less of him until I only have his head in my mouth. I gently suck, I love his taste.

My thighs are now wet. And as much as my pussy wants him to fill it, I don’t want to take his beautiful cock from my mouth. I begin another decent, slowly, so slowly, I take more with each down stroke and eventually I again have him filling my mouth with everything he’s got. His hips begin to undulate beneath me and his legs begin to shake. I enjoy the extra pressure for just a moment before I release him. His moan at the loss of my lips is one of pleased frustration and it sends shock waves to the core of me.

I move lower and lick and suck at his balls lathering them with my tongue. My fingers are sliding slowly along his soft cock, my fingernails dragging lightly. Again he relaxes back into the bed. I move even more slowly, I want him to explode when I am finished, but not until I am finished. I am greedy and haven’t had enough yet. I look up and watch his face as I make his cock wet again with my tongue. I can see his anticipation and so I keep licking, dragging it out. My eyes still on his face, I take him again, my lips moving at a snails pace, up and down, lower and lower. He throws his head back one the last couple of strokes before I have him all. He is fighting for control, but I’m not going to make it easy for him, I swallow. He grunts. I swallow again and his hips push into my face again.

I want to keep him here where it pleases him so much, but, my body demands air and so I pull back, just enough so that I can fill my lungs and then take him fully again. His body is taunt and he’s fighting so hard. I time my breathing and then move faster up and down just enough to get air, my hands hold his hips down as I take him harder and harder. His cock is banging the back of my throat. He soon growls, “enough”, and then pushed my head down to meet his hips. He cums in my throat, and I push up my head up against his hand. The next load is released on my tongue, right where I want it.

I will let him rest for a while. Then I will take him into my mouth again and get the pleasure of feeling it grow hard between my lips.

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