Women Have Stronger Orgasms With These Kinds Of Men


After years of heated debate, new study has found women have better orgasms if their sexual partner is self-confident, have a good sense of humour and has lots of money.

A recent study conducted by psychologist George Gallup and his colleagues at the University at Albany, was dedicated to women’s orgasm intensity, frequency and sexual satisfaction. And how all these phenomena are connected with a woman’s choice of partner.

The researchers surveyed heterosexual female college students in relationships about how often they had orgasms during sex and the results exceeded all expectations.

It was discovered that frequency was related to intensity, which in turn was stronger when the partner was funny, attractive, self-confident and rich. Nothing new, by the way!

Findings also concluded that the quality of orgasm is better than quantity, explaining, “the intensity of orgasms were a marginally better indication of sexual satisfaction than how frequently women experienced them.”  

The study also confirmed that women who started having sex at earlier ages had more partners, experienced more orgasms, and were more satisfied in bed with their partners. So, ladies, practice makes perfect!

And one more bonus fact for men – men with broad shoulders were found to be more likely to have a sexually satisfied partner.

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