Love Play



“Hey Ore, it is Yemisi”

“Ohh. Hey you, long time no hear”

“Yeah yeah. Been busy with stuff. How have you been?”

“I’m good. Been lazing around. You just woke me up sef.”

“Ohh pele. Are you free today, let’s hang?”

“Yeah sure. Should be ready in about 30 minutes. Where should we hook up?”

“Err…Terra Kulture. I hear there’s a play there today.”

“Aii then. See you in a bit.”

“Ok, laters”.


I stand up to go find something to wear, choosing something Yemisi won’t use to pick on me. Yemisi is my cousin who is into Fashion. I really don’t know what her work is except she will pick on me if my clothes weren’t up to her expected taste. And as I dude, who does not really get the whole fashion thing, she picks on me often.

Last I heard from her, she was going to Calabar for an exhibition or so, and this means she’s back. For someone older than me by 17 years, we enjoy each other’s company quite much. Entering the shower, I contemplate rubbing one out but decide to leave it till the night as I can buzz someone up to have Skype-sex with. In 30 minutes, I’m in my car driving to V.I. cussing other drivers and forming meek as I drive past road patrols. Life in Lagos is just the best. For a recent graduate of Unilag, I’m doing pretty well with my job, a car and a house I share with a friend. I get to Terra Kulture and the security man finds me a parking spot. Handing him a N100 note, I enter Terra Kulture with shouts of “Thank you” from behind. I spot Yemisi and a woman sitting at a table and walk up to them.


“Lagos latest big boy!”

I laugh and we hug and turning to the woman, she makes the introductions.

“This is my cousin Ore, he’s who I was waiting for. And Ore, this was my colleague before she left us, Onyinye. Mrs. Onyinye to you.”

“Ahahn, Yemisi don’t be like that jor” the woman says.

Hmmmm…nice sultry voice. Like she’s whispering in my ear. She looks mature, like Yemisi’s mate. The voice however does not go with her looks. She looks stern, like a matron, or a librarian. The ones that give you hell if you misbehave. No lipstick on but there’s something that makes me zoom in on her lips. Wow, they are one word….suckable. Plump and full. We greet each other and I find out the show hasn’t started and so we will be hanging out there till it starts. Dragging a spare chair to the table, I sit beside Mrs. Onyinye and we all start to chat. I find out that she was a photographer for Yemisi’s company before she left to start her own Photography business.

Having an older person who I am not used to chatting with makes me try to impress and look mature and it seems to work as conversation flows without any awkwardness or pause. Soon, a man comes to announce that the show is about to start and we should all come in. I offer to pay for the refreshments we had and so end up walking behind the ladies and my eyes immediately are drawn to Mrs. Onyinye’s ass. While she was seated, I didn’t notice how round they were but now I can see how huge it is and I feel my dick jerk a bit to the sight. She’s wearing a purple tight-looking skirt and I can see her pants outlined straining to hold her ass back. A quick image of my face buried between those ass cheeks flashes across my mind and I feel myself start to harden. Pushing such thoughts from my mind, I hurry to catch up to them as they enter the arena.


Sitting down with Yemisi at my far left and Mrs. Onyinye by my left and me next to the wall, we settle to watch the drama in the darkened hall. With the sitting arrangement, I can’t help but notice Mrs. Onyinye’s scent and I covertly draw closer to inhale more. This however makes my thigh bump hers softly and with the impure thoughts running through my mind, I immediately freeze on the spot fearing she will react. She gives no indication she felt anything and remained seemingly focused on the play. I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding and allow the tension roll off my body. Picking up courage to continue, I feigned looking for something in my pocket and moved my thigh to hers again only this time, I leave it there. Except a quick glance to see why I was moving, she still doesn’t react to our thighs touching.

By now, I’ve zoned out the drama play and I’m focused on groping as much as I can from this unsuspecting married woman. Leaning in closer, our hands slightly touch and as she doesn’t react again, I ‘innocently’ start making circles with my index finger which happen to be brushing against her fingers as it made its rounds. There’s nothing really sexual about our skin touching at the hands but with the thoughts of running my tongue on her skin, licking up her sweat and making her tingle going through my head, I start to get an erection again. A raging hard-on trapped in the confines of jeans is very frustrating but I satisfy myself with the continued thoughts of my tongue exploring her body while she made little whimpers that turned to moans as I got closer to her sensitive regions. Licking in circles…teasing…while she pleaded with her body to give her release. I am immediately jerked back to reality as I feel her shift away leaving me with a crazed erection which didn’t look like it planned on softening soon. Thankfully, while I am still trying to shift my dick to a less painful position in a subtle manner, she shifts back to her former position but this time, with her hand resting on mine. I tense up waiting but hoping against the moment she will readjust her hand but it seems she doesn’t think much of our skin contact as she’s back focused on the play.

Feeling really drunk on my pervy thoughts, I slowly move my arm towards my groin with her hand still resting on it with an excuse already formed in my head that I want to get my phone from my pocket for when she reacted. I move as far as an innocent act can get you away with and she still hasn’t diverted her attention from the play. The distance between her hand and my dick is still too far however and, maybe because of the combination of the drinks we had earlier and the sinful thoughts running through my mind, I move up my ass so my dick can make contact with her skin through the confining jeans. Sensing no reaction from her, I slowly and subtly start to rub my dick against her hand with lustful thoughts on her wet pussy enclosing around my dick as I enter her fully and I feel her wetness run down my balls. I am jarred back from my fantasies and freeze up as I feel Mrs. Onyinye’s finger brush my crotch. Was that reflex? Was that an accident? I look down and I see her finger very slowly making a circle against my dick. I look up to read her face and find her looking straight at me. I quickly break eye contact and start to move my arm away with my embarrassment flaring and my dick deflating when I feel her index finger start to make a new round on my dick.

What?! Looking back up, I see she has gone back to looking at the play but her finger is still drawing circles on my dick…she even added her middle finger! Err…except I’m reading the signals wrong, she knows about my doings and she’s definitely playing on my dick! To be sure, I stand my ass up higher making my dick support her hand and after a brief pause, she palms my dick. OMG! I am shocked. I was rubbing on her and now she’s palming my dick?! Fuck. Slow movements but the fact that an older married woman’s hand is on my dick is enough to make me hard again. I feel her try to curve her hand around my shaft but the damned jeans are literally cock-blocking. Using my right hand, I nudge her to unzip me and this makes her look back at me for a brief moment before she returned to looking at the stage. I am panicking, thinking I’ve broken the moment with my urgency when I feel her hand move up in search of the zipper. She finds it and tries pulling it down but my dick straining against the jeans makes it hard for her. I move to help her and together, we manage to unzip the jeans.

She then picks up her bag from the floor and drops it on her lap effectively blocking Yemisi’s view of what is happening reminding me that my cousin is present. Putting her hand through the zip hole, I feel her fish around to free my dick from the constraints of my boxers, and finally, my dick is free. She wraps her hand around my cock and…ohh fuck…squeezes it. Releasing her hold a little, I feel her thumb move up to spread leaked precum around the head and before I can stop myself, I let out a throaty sigh. Fisting my dick, she drags her hand upwards and more precum leaks out which she promptly rubs round my shaft to lubricate it. I close my eyes and focus on her hand and my dick as she starts another upwards movement, coaxing out more precum which she rubs round my dick again. She continues with this rhythm in more strokes and by now, my balls are heavy and boiling and I start to push up against her downward strokes in an attempt to fuck her hand. We continue like this for a few seconds but then I become impatient with the dwindling precum and opening my eyes, I spit on my hand and pour it over hers to which I get a quick look and a smile in reply before she uses it to coat my cock well enough for fast strokes. Well as fast as she could go without giving anything away. Spreading my saliva all over my dick up to my balls, she starts giving me a tight hand job. Pulling up…pulling down…rolling round…pulling down…up…down…round…round…up

Fuck. This is surreal. I start to breathe heavy as I feel her start to pick up speed with her strokes. Holding the arms of the chairs tight, I start squirming as she goes faster…up…down…up…down…up…down. I flash back on the image of my face in between her ass crack and I lose it. I hold her arm to signal her that I’m about to cum, to which she doesn’t stop either from not understanding what I meant or not caring, and now I feel my cum start to race from my balls to burst forth over her hand as I explode there and then in a dim-lighted crowded hall.

Fuck. I don’t know for how long I came although it surely would have been seconds, but my entire awareness is focused on her hand still stroking me even as I poured all over. Coming down from my high, I open my eyes to see I’ve jizzed partly on her hand and on my jeans. She strokes me once more and then removes her hand, looks at it, smiles at me as if in approval and then uses her handkerchief to clean off. I promptly scoop up the cum on my jeans and clean up with my handkerchief also, which I leave behind for the ushers to wonder about. I rearranged myself and focus on the play feeling wondrous, smug and awkward.


The play goes on for about an hour after and ends to a standing ovation. We all file out talking about the play and the characters. Yemisi says we should wait as she wants to use the toilet and a very awkward silence descends on Mrs. Onyinye and me as we waited.

Trying to make light of what we just did and to break the silence I say, “It was your butt that started all this”. She looks at me puzzled and I explain that it was on seeing her ass I started having such thoughts.

She replies with mischief in her eyes, “Oh. It was till then?”

While I struggle to find an appropriate reply, she laughs and says she’s just kidding.

I tell her “I should probably make it up to you back” to which she replies “Oh really?” I nod and then ask for her number and after a brief smile of amusement, she fishes out her business card and hands it over.

By now, we can see Yemisi walking back to us so we set for the cars with Yemisi acting as the middle-man between our gists. We escort Mrs. Onyinye to her car before heading to mine to go get something to eat.


That night, at home, I flashed back on what happened in the theatre and pull up my phone to call her.


By @pervy_tots.

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