Miley Cyrus Goes Topless During Vacation With Boyfriend

*EXCLUSIVE*  Miley Cyrus goes topless **WEB EMBARGO UNTIL 16:00 PST 01/26/2015** *MUST CALL FOR PRICING*

Miley Cyrus sure is having a great time in Hawaii.

Paparazzi caught 22-year-old pop star going topless while having fun with the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver in Hawaii.

(Explicit photos after the cut)

The scandalous celebrity was dressed only in skimpy black bikini bottoms.  For his part, Patrick was wearing just a pair of light blue swimming shorts.

The couple is seen happily sharing hugs and kisses in the warm waters.

miley1miley4 miley3 miley2 miley5The lovebirds jetted off to Maui for a getaway together with a few pals in tow (although their pals weren’t spotted on this particular outing) earlier this month. “On Saturday night they had dinner at the restaurant at the Kea Lani,” a source said of the cute couple at the time, who have been dating for about two months now.

The eyewitness added, “They got stopped by fans right away and were thinking about turning around, but Miley was very gracious and took pictures and kept walking. Patrick thought it was funny and tried to stay out of the way. Patrick was good at protecting her and wrapped his arms around her and kept walking.

“They were inseparable and he pulled her in close. It was a long walk and they never stopped holding hands or wrapping their arms around each other. After lunch, they walked back home with their arms around each other. They really didn’t care who came up to them or who stopped them, they only had eyes for each other.”

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