Wife Takes Husband’s Ass


As a second marriage for both my wife and I, we have a very healthy sexual relationship. One of the greatest aspects of our relationship is that we can be completely honest with each other, especially when it comes to desires and sexual appetites.

There is no fear of judgment from her or from me. Over the years, we have been very experimental in the bedroom, and have sex at almost any available opportunity. We are completely hot for each other.

This story begins a few days ago, with us watching some porn together. The porn was showing a woman with two guys. At first the blonde on the screen was taking a cock in her mouth while being fucked hard by another guy from behind. Soon, the scene changed, and the woman was taking a cock in her ass. The guy fucking her was sucking the other guy’s cocks. My wife looked over at me to see my reaction, and my own cock was rock hard, with precum dripping from the tip. She was enthralled by the scene as the two guys sucked and fucked each other. My wife and I fucked each other so hard that night, she came at least five times, passing out for a few moments before the end.

The next day I woke up and walked downstairs to find her making breakfast.

“Good morning, my sexy man!” she said, smiling a coy smile.

“Good morning, sex fiend!” I replied, as I came up behind her, pressing my hard cock in to the cleft of her ass, kissing the back of her neck and running my hands over her double-D breasts.

“Listen”, she stated, “I couldn’t help notice last night how that movie got you so hot and bothered. Both of us actually!”

“Yeah” I chuckled “it really was something else. I really liked the part where the two guys were going at it with each other.”

She reached around to squeeze my cock and replied “Me too. I imagined that was you, sucking cock, taking it in the ass…” With that she was looking for my reaction.

“Hrmmm… That would be so fucking hot. Would you be in to that?” I asked her. “Seriously? You would be OK with bringing someone else in to the bedroom?”

She thought about it for a second and said “Well, only if it is a guy to fuck you. I am all yours and yours alone. I would be only there to direct the action and watch.” I nodded in agreement. It is important for her to feel like I would never share her.

I said “Yeah, that is actually a fantasy of mine. Ever since I had that experience with the guy in college, I would love to know what it is like to get fucked; to have a guy pound my ass while you watch.”

She knew about my one-time guy-on-guy action that I experimented with in college. It was a lot of oral, and ended with me fucking the other.

That night when I came back from the gym, I was surprised to find her in the bedroom, on the bed. She was wearing the lingerie, the lights were low, but my attention was really caught by the 9″ dildo on the bed, the bottle of lube, and the gay porn playing on the TV.

“Welcome home,” she purred “Get undressed. You are in for a treat tonight.”

I stripped my clothes off in record time, thinking about what was to come. She got up from the bed, walked over to me, and pushed me forward so that I was bent over, facing the TV. I looked up and saw four guys on the screen, all standing around a smaller fifth guy, who was kneeling, taking turn sucking each cock. I imagined that being me, in the middle of a cock-fest, about to be used.

*SMACK*. Her hand made contact with my bare ass, causing me to jump, and my cock to jump as well. She began rubbing my ass before making another blow. This was her style. A spanking, followed by some sweet caressing. Her fingers grazed my bare hole as they moved over my cheeks between spankings.

I looked back at her, and received another strong smack on the other cheek. “Watch that scene,” she said “and imagine that is you, being used.” My cock was now hard as stone, and precum had begun to drip from the tip.

The scene on the TV changed and now the middle guy was riding one of the cocks, taking the full length up his ass while sucking off another guy. I was turned on by the scene, thinking about a hot, hard cock up my own ass, when I felt her spread my cheeks and her tongue on my hole. She was kissing, and tonguing my ass for all she was worth, and I was going insane from it.

I wanted more. I needed more. I groaned in pleasure, reaching down to stroke my cock bit. I was shocked by how much precum I had. It had run down my cock, and was dripping on the bed below me. I used it as lube and slowly stroked my cock.

On the TV, two guys were holding up the guy getting fucked, bouncing him on a huge dick that was filling him completely. His eyes were rolling in the back of his head, and I could tell he was loving it, but it hurt too. I felt lube squirt on my ass, followed by a finger slide inside of me, and quickly two fingers. I moaned loudly from how good it felt. She knew I wanted more.

“You like that?” she asked. “You like things in your pretty boy ass?”

“Yes…” I hissed back “please, please fuck my ass”

That was all of the encouragement she needed. I felt her withdraw her fingers and imagined the sight of me with my ass in the air. The movie changed to the guy getting fucked being bent over, legs spread and another guy pounding him hard. Meanwhile another guy was sitting under him, sucking his cock. The guy being bent over and fucked was trying to suck a fourth guy, but couldn’t concentrate on anything other than the hard tool ramming his ass.

Then I felt the head of the dildo at the entrance to my own ass. “Ready for him to fuck you?” She asked. “He is hard and ready to fuck your virgin ass, but you have to ask for it.”

“Yes!” I almost whimpered. “Please, please fuck my tight little ass. Use my hole. Fuck it, I can’t wait.”

The dildo slid in, filling me completely. I thought it was all the way in, but it kept going. It hurt a little, but it felt so good. Slowly at first, she withdrew it and then pushed it back in, and soon the pain was gone, replaced by intense pleasure. With every stroke, my cock jumped a little.

I started really getting in to it, backing up on the dildo, trying to get her to fuck me harder, like the guy on the TV, who now had two loads of cum on his face and at least one in his ass. He was still being fucked, but now laying on his back, stroking his own cock while a muscular guy used the cum as lube to fuck his ass.

I rolled over, putting my own legs in the air, and she began to suck my cock while fucking my ass with the whole length of the dildo. I was about to cum, and she knew it. She squirted more lube on the dildo, and whispered to me,

“He just came in your ass…” and that put me over the edge. I felt like my balls were on fire with the need to cum. I exploded so hard, spraying my own cum all over my stomach, chest and neck.

We fucked two more times that night, making her cum hard, leaving me exhausted. Before we drifted off to sleep she said “So you think you want that for real?”

I said “yeah, but please, no more tonight. My cock and ass can’t take any more.”

She laughed and said “I don’t mean tonight silly, but I was thinking about that colleague of yours. What’s his name? Luke? I think he likes you.”

I fell asleep thinking about it. Would Luke go for it? Would I? I resolved that I would check him out at work the next day.


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