This Ghanaian Model Reportedly Earned $8,000 From Nude Pictures

deborahvvSome fans and critics might taken Ghanaian model and TV personality, Deborah Vanessa simply known as Sister Deborah, to the cleaners when her nude pictures were all over the internet last year but it has been revealed that she smiled to the bank for the stunt.

According to reports, the model who is also a singer, has revealed she earned as much as $8,000 for the nude photos while defending her decision to release them as a business decision. The amount, which led to her taking off her robes is said to have come from Youtube.

Speaking with Star FM recently, Deborah said she is aware the pictures left several male fans excited when they were released online.

‘The photographer that took this picture said ‘ooo Debbie I’m putting this on my Instagram and we put other ones on his Instagram and there was no’, well I did have backlash for one with my palm on my vejayjay. And then some people who follow him picked it up and were Tweeting you know…positive tweet. Things like Oo I’m going to watch this and sleep tonight…So everything was positive, boys were excited.’


Born to a Ghanaian father and a Romanian mother, Deborah is one of Ghana’s most controversial ladies. She is currently the host of The Late Nite Celebrity Show programme broadcast by television network, Ghana….

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