The Truth About Penis Size

penis size

Whoever coined the reassuring catchphrase “size doesn’t matter” may have lied.

According to a new study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, one-third of women who frequently have vaginal orgasms claim they’re more likely to climax when having sex with men with larger penises. pens

Researchers asked more than 300 women how often they had sex, how frequently they had vaginal and/or clitoral orgasms, and whether or not penis length influenced their ability to orgasm during intercourse. Out of the 160 women who often experienced vaginal-only orgasms and had enough partners to compare sizes, one third said they preferred longer-than-average penises.

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What exactly does “average” count for these days? According to a study, it usually about  5.8 inches and 6.1 inches, respectively.

But before you start freaking out that you don’t measure up, keep this in mind: 60 percent of the women in the survey did report that size made no difference.

So sure, size may matter to some women—for some types of orgasms. But the good news is you can outsmart your size even if you—err—come up short. Your secret weapons? Passion, foreplay, and variety.

Here is how to make your size work for you.


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