TIPS: How To Pick The Perfect Sex Positions


First things first: the “right” position for a great orgasm during sex is whichever one you like the best. Everyone’s body is different, and the way your body connects with your partner’s is going to be unique.

That said, there are moves that can make it easier to get off.

Up Close and Clitoral
The standard, kind of obvious rule is to increase stimulation to the clitoris. Whatever position does that is probably going to be feel pretty great. If your fave one doesn’t offer much direct contact, you can always use your hands or erotic appliances to fill in the gaps.

Remember: Porn Is Fantasy
Two classic porno moves that aren’t so hot IRL: cowgirl and any position where the actress is spread eagle. In erotic movies, women on top during sex often bounce up and down like they’re on a pony. In reality, lying flat on top of him and rocking back and forth—rather than sitting straight up—may not look as nice, but feels much, much better thanks to the increased friction. The same goes for spreading your legs. Keeping your thighs closer together in missionary position or doggie style increases pressure on your clitoris, which is more arousing.

Switch Things Up
While having go-to positions that you know feel amazing is great, novelty is also key. After all, that move that blew your mind the first time you tried it is going to feel a little routine if you rely on it every time you have sex. So watch porn, read erotica and sex ed books, and talk to your partner to come up with new moves you think sound fun. Worst case scenario: it feels weird, and you revert back to your usual.


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