8 Myths About Men Women Need to Stop Believing


Some truths about men are self-evident: They like blow jobs and beers and consider themselves great with directions. Then there are the “truths” that are total B.S.

1. Myth: Men want to do the chasing.
Truth: Call it The Clooney Effect, but men today are into self-assured, educated women. According to a survey, which polled more than 5,600 men and women about love and sex, 90 percent of guys report being OK with a woman asking them out. (And good, because, seriously? It is 2015.)

2. Myth: Men just want no-strings-attached sex.
Truth: Not all men want no-strings-attached sex, and even those who do, don’t necessarily just want that. Like many other personality traits — for example, extraversion — interest in casual sex varies widely among both men and women. Some men aren’t interested in it at all. Some are interested in it during certain points in their lives. The important thing to remember is that just because a person is into casual sex does not mean he or she isn’t interested in love and relationships. One doesn’t preclude the other, and it’s very possible to want both.

3. Myth: Men don’t have a biological clock.
Truth: Both sexes form pair bonds, both fall in love, both want to have children — especially before age 40 — and both want to raise them. Men are just as eager to do so as women.

4. Myth: Big feet equals big penis.
Truth: Sadly, there is absolutely no scientific proof that shoe size (or hand size or nose size) is a reliable indicator of what he’s packing.

5. Myth: Men are commitment-phobes.
Truth: Not so. Men want to introduce a partner to friends and family sooner than women do, they like public affection more, and they want to move in sooner. Slow your roll, guys! There’s a crazy-cool biological reason for this. Because women are the “custodian of the egg” (aka we get pregnant), it’s adaptive for men to fall in love faster and get a woman off the market before the next guy does. So why does society portray men as commitment-phobes? Some blame it on men being hardwired to spread their seed, but really, it depends on where he is in life. If a dude’s being flaky, it might mean that he doesn’t want commitment at the time or … with you.Realizing that can sting, but ultimately, we need to remember that we should never have to convince another person of our value.

6. Myth: Men can’t fake orgasms.
Truth: You thought we were the only ones capable of faking it? Nope. Guys can do it too. Because of the prevailing myth that men always orgasm, the pressure to perform accordingly can be pretty intense.

7. Myth: It’s always easy for all men to orgasm during sex
Truth: Not only can men struggle with orgasm, there’s even a nice euphemistic name for it: DE (delayed ejaculation). Some men just have a higher threshold for orgasm. But while ladies are blessed with multiple ways to get off during sex, men can’t exactly give themselves a hand while inside you — tough break, considering the most sensitive part of the penis is near the tip. What many women don’t know is that DE (and other forms of erectile dysfunction, or ED, which can be caused by antidepressants, stress, and alcohol) can affect young men.

8. Myth: Men think about sex every seven seconds.
Truth: Thinking about sex every seven seconds — That’s more than 8,000 times a day! — would make men not only sex-obsessed, but, like, pretty severely impaired. Luckily for us (and humankind?), the truth is much more moderate. Younger men, predictably, think about it a little more. A 2011 study of men ages 18 to 25 recorded almost 19 times a day. Which is still way, way less than 8,000.

3 “myths” that are actually true:

1. Guys don’t tell their friends everything. It’s a competitive sex market out there, so if a guy finds something he likes (you!), it’s in his evolutionary best interest not to tell his competition about it.

2. They like blow jobs. Ninety percent of men like blow jobs at least “somewhat” and about 50 percent of them like them very much, studies have found.

3. Guys are visual. Studies prove that men are aroused by visual stimuli more than women are. Experts cite a mix of sociological and evolutionary influences, but it helps explain their love of porn.


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