4 Ways to Make His Penis Feel Bigger

penis size

You love him but he does not “measure up”? Follow one of these tips for making his penis feel bigger.

Turn Up the Heat
One of the things that contributes to a guy’s size is the amount of blood that flows into the penis and how hard he is. Translation: The more turned on he is, the bigger he’ll feel inside of you. So take your time with the foreplay.

Do Some Down-There Exercises
By flexing your kegel muscles during sex, you’ll create more friction—which means you’ll feel your man more intensely during the action. And for even more moves that will amp up your pleasure.

Encourage Him to Lay Off the Solo Sex
When a guy hasn’t masturbated for a couple of days, there’ll be more blood flow to his penis when he is stimulated again—which means he’ll feel bigger than ever. Of course, this gets a little tricky because you probably can’t just ask him to not masturbate without explaining why and hurting his feelings. If you two are pretty open with each other sexually you can make a playful comment like, “You feel so full right now—you must not have been looking at your computer for a few days. Or, if that seems like a bit much, you could always turn on the Seinfeld episode where they see who can go the longest without masturbating and then suggest that you two try something similar.

Bring a Toy Into the Bedroom
You can try something like the We-Vibe to solve your size issue. The vibrator will also be filling the vagina, so that’s going to make it easier to feel him more fully. Any of these fun sex toys for couples should do the trick.

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