Hurt Me – I Deserve It


They walked in together but their eyes and their hands were not making contact. They had traveled next to each other but their purpose was very different. Maria and I saw them almost at the same time and I rose to greet them while Maria looked away and slumped as if trying to be smaller and not be seen.

She was gorgeous in every way. Her tall body swayed like a bamboo tree in the wind. Her thin waist and round ass seem to spin around the tables as she was walking towards us. Her eyes were so pretty and so big. Her smile was shy and nervous but still playful. Her hair dropped to her shoulders and then jumped with every step.

I smelled lilies as she came to the table first and I reached out to great her. I pulled her body towards me in a casual friendly hug that stayed together perhaps a bit too long. I kissed her cheek or at least tried to – enough to taste her skin, It was so soft.

His hand was moist and big. He was nervous and his handshake was a bit rushed. I squeezed harder than I had to and he seemed to try to pull his big hand away. He must have been 6-4 or 6-5 and lumbered over me but his eyes were running away from mine and his shoulders were slumping. He mumbled a hello or I thought he did because I could not really hear the words – I just assumed that’s what it was.

I turned around and saw Maria making a quick greeting gesture at the woman but without making any effort to come closer or establish eye contact. I don’t think Maria even noted that the guy was present and he seemed more than content to drop into a seat and fixate on his wife with eager eyes. Those were the eyes of a puppy waiting for the tennis ball to go flying across the lawn. Oh yes, the ball will fly my man – it will fly soon and a lot.

Maria was drinking quickly. I think she had four of five drinks between waiting for the couple to arrive and the short conversation we had. Was she trying to get herself drunk? To avoid experiencing what was about to happen? This was all her doing.

I would have never thought she will cheat on me but the messages were right there in front of me. “I want to feel your hard cock between my wet thighs,” said the last one.

“I need your hard cock in my mouth so badly, baby!” was another.

I was starting with disbelief. I could hear her in the kitchen making herself lunch or something and it was tough to reconcile the woman who was making me a sandwich with the woman who wrote: “fuck my ass baby – stretch it – it’s yours!”

I think I felt rage and anger and depression all at the same time. My Mara was having an affair with some unknown guy. It wasn’t just an affair, it was a full-blown, dirty fucking, “cum all over me and fuck my ass” mess that was happening right behind me. He was her baby? She never called me baby. She hated when I did that too. What will I call her now – slut? Whore? My wife? Maria? Cheating, lying, backstabbing, dream crusher?

“Maria! Come here!”

That’s when she became Maria – my drunk, nervous, shrinking woman who was watching me talk and flirt. Maria, who insisted many many times that it was just sexting and fantasy and nothing else. How could I believe that? Maria who swore she never met him? She was just roleplaying. Maria, who cried and swore she wanted only me. Maria, whom I asked “What would you do if you saw me fuck another woman?” and who replied,

“If I know you love me and this is just for amusement I can live with that!”

She could live with that? It was then I decided that this was going to me my revenge. Not only will I fuck another woman but I will have Maria watching me. Standing, right there as I made another woman moan and twist as I done with her so many times. Can she really do that? Can I really do that?

Well… whatever demon you are looking to feed… the Web is selling the food for you. The sites are plenty and the people are many. A shadow army of cheating wives, horny swingers and desperate aging singles. All looking to rub against something or somebody and get that moment of high – the hard cock, the throbbing heart, the warm flesh of another. Then sink again into whatever pit of boredom or anxiety we all came from. So many.

I made Maria read my ad and edit it. She was holding her tears as she read through the description of what I like in a sexual partner. How could I never tell her? Have I ever done that with her? I made her take my picture with her phone for the ad too. Maria was angry.

She had a bubbling personality and was so easy to talk to. We were chatting like old friends catching up and she was laughing at my jokes like she has heard them before but still found them hilarious. The laugh of an old friend who will always be nice to you. Her husband was just taking deep breaths from time to time but said nothing pretty much the whole time.

I asked for the check. When the waiter came over to bring it my hand was resting on hers. It wasn’t a sexual touch. It was the way you touch your friend to get their attention except for her hand reached back ever so slightly and I let mine stay there. The tips of my fingers were at her elbow. The soft skin on the inside of the elbow where her arm bent. My fingers were going up and down her forearm. The softer side of her forearm. The palm of her hand was facing up and gently meeting my arm. The waiter placed the check right next to our hands and looked around. Did he notice that I was touching a different woman than the one I came with? Right in front of her husband who just stood there with his puppy eyes and giant hands? I guess it was a hotel bar – they are used to all kinds of things.

She didn’t tell me right away that her husband will be there. We spent quite some time corresponding until she told me that he liked to watch her play. She had been with several men before and he always wanted to “make sure she is safe.” She said he just sat there. Looking with hungry eyes and as if trying to remember every stroke of every cock that fucked her. She said he sometimes jerked off while watching but often did nothing more than just stand there. Apparently later they would go to bed at home and he will eat her sore pussy like an overripe peach that is dripping everywhere. He will do that until she pushed his face away and then he will cum in his hand – on his knees, still looking at the work of a stranger.

I did not have those graphic descriptions yet when we first decided to meet. I just knew he will be there. It was my turn to disclose that Maria will come with me too. It was only fair – we each bring our own personal demons into the room. The fetishistic husband, the cheating wife, the swinging beauty and me – what was I?

I led the way to the elevator. We were on the 24th floor and when the doors closed, I turned around and kissed her. She met me eagerly and her body pressed against mine. I grabbed her ass and pressed my chest to feel her breasts. Our lips drank from each other and I felt her tongue in my mouth. My cock jumped and she caught it in mid air. Reaching for my pants. We crashed against the elevator wall on the left and I felt Maria step out of the way so not to be crushed by the two entwined bodies.

She was wearing a skirt and as we walked through the long corridor I grabbed the skirt’s end and pulled her toward me. I loved kissing that woman – what soft lips she had. I grabbed her ass again and this time reaching under the skirt. It felt so good in my hand. They stopped behind us. I knew they were there – Maria and the giant guy. What were they doing? Waiting?

When she turned around I could see her ass as she was wearing a thong. How cute. What an amazing ass. Our perverted procession entered the room together and once again our kissing and groping bodies blocked the way.

I did not wait very long. She was on her knees before we reached the bed sucking on my cock. It was swollen to painful level of hardness. She was trying to take it all in her mouth but that has never been done and she was soon fighting for breath then diving again. I grabbed her head and was pushing it back and forth. There was nothing romantic about this. There was never meant to be any tenderness. Just my hard cock and her willing body.

I pulled her up and looked in her eyes. Her lips were wet from the saliva and the gagging. She reached to kiss me but instead I pushed her away and bent her over the bed. I pulled the skirt up and then the thong down and dived inside her. She gasped and she cried out in victory and we did that again and again.

I think we fucked for an hour or perhaps more before I first looked at Maria. I was trying to go as deep inside her as I possibly could. I was bending her knees and spreading her legs, pushing her ass down from behind and pulling her waist up towards me as I reached around. I kept going between her mouth and her willing pussy and I wanted to rub my hard cock against every body part she had so that they had all been fucked by me and therefore made mine.

She was intoxicating. She cried out and she moaned. She would orgasm with violent trusts of her entire body and would then transition into another building dance of back and forth motion. She tasted amazing, like warm water and fucking. I loved her taste and I wanted more.

I climaxed on her face. Some of it went into her open mouth and some of it went onto her chin and her cheeks. She was sweaty and happy. She was proud. I turned her face to Maria so she could see my work. “Look! Look what I did! This is your fault!” I never said those words. I was just catching my breath.

He was sitting there with his hands in his shorts – jerking off. She got up and walked over to him. She leaned over him as he was sitting on the armchair, still vigorously jerking. She kissed him with a slow, wet, sloppy kiss, her face still covered in my cum. He groaned loudly – the first sound he ever made.

I walked away to the bathroom, still panting and sweaty. Maria was crying, sitting in the other armchair. The goodbyes were very quick and very awkward.

We were in the car home when she spoke for the first time. Her hand landed on my crotch and she said,

“Baby, I want you to fuck me like you fucked her. Can you do that? I want you to hurt me – I deserve it. Hurt me with your cock and with your hands. Do you still have that for me…”

I pushed her head down to my lap and my fingers under her dress and into her vagina.

I could use a glass of wine but when we arrived she just pulled me up the stairs towards the bathroom and I was not going to object. She was my Maria. The lady in her took over for a moment and she declared she will brush her teeth first. I wasn’t going to brush mine. I liked the taste I had.

My phone vibrated and I glanced at it as I was undressing and waiting.

It was her – “Amazing night! I can’t believe they could not tell we have been lovers for years”

I decided I’d reply in the morning. I could hear the bathroom door open.

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