6 Awesome Sex Positions For Different Situations


Coming up with interesting ways to enjoy your sex life, when you have been together as a couple for a while, can be very challenging.

Most couples that have overcome this challenge can tell you that there are usually officially tried tips and tricks that work.

Having a go-to sex position for various situations does a lot to reduce pressure and improve sexual excitement between couples.

Check out a few of them below.

1. Early Morning Sex


Spooning is certainly the go-to position for early morning sex. This is kind of like sex while cuddling. While lying down, the man holds the woman towards him, with her back snuggled against his front. He enters her from behind and the smooth rocking motion is guaranteed to wake a couple up in the best possible way. (Bonus: No worries about morning breath).

2.Shower Sex


While the success of the standing sex position is determined by the heights of both partners, there are variations a couple can try, to achieve what works for them. As the name implies, the couple face each other, while standing, find the perfect fit and the fun begins. So, if, for some reason, you missed an opportunity for spooning with your partner, you can take advantage of a few minutes in the shower with this position.

3. Pregnancy Sex (and more)


The doggie-style is famous for a lot of reasons. The position does not need a lot of explanation as it has been notoriously known as a favourite for couples for a lot of different situations. But one great way a couple could take advantage of this would be when the woman is heavily pregnant. Towards the late stages of pregnancy, most women swear by this as the only way to get a few fun times with their spouses.

4. Bed-Time Sex


The missionary sex position is a favourite for most, for many reasons. The intimacy it denotes, how good it feels and of course, it is known as the most likely position for a woman to reach orgasm (since there are a lot of opportunities for reaching places that the man can take advantage of). Missionary is a great before bed-time position since it does not require a whole lot of effort (perfect after a busy day at work). It is also a way to reconnect with your partner after you have both spent the day working, taking care of bills and other adult responsibilities.

5. Getting your Freak On


Having sex while one of the both of you, are in one sitting form or another certainly makes for some freaky fun. The ways to take advantage of the sitting sex positions are endless. If you have got some time on your hands and would like a little more fun, then these positions are something you should consider.

6. Quickie


Sex while standing up is also a great quickie position. A go-to position is one where the woman backs the man and while standing, he takes her from behind (standing variation of spooning). Since quickies are all about making the best out of a very few, precious minutes (or seconds), this position offers both couple an opportunity to reach orgasm so much faster.

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