5 Instant Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

couple talking

Having a great sex life is not only advantageous to your personal health, it can also leave you feeling fulfilled, satisfied and secure in your relationship.

While there are countless tips to improving sex life, we would be focusing on simple personality traits and skills you can hone outside the bedroom to get the sex life you desire.

1. Open-Mindedness:

Close-minded people hardly achieve satisfaction in any areas of their lives and sexual performance is no exemption. Be open-minded to trying new things and exploring new ideas. Be open to considering things that you would normally not have paid attention to and if it happens that it was not your cup of tea, then feel free to move on. There are different ways to achieve sexual satisfaction and if you cannot explore a few ways, then it would be difficult for you to figure out exactly what you really like.

2. Confidence:

Being self-confident cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to our sex lives. It should be noted that, as a woman, you are more likely to achieve orgasm if you feel good about yourself and your body, while as a man, being self-assured certainly gives you the much-needed skills to explore your partner’s body the way she needs and you will be more than willing to let her reciprocate. So, do whatever is needed for you to feel confident. Get fit, eat healthy, treat your body well and definitely, your sex life will improve.

3. Sense of Humour:

Someone with a great sense of humour will certainly have the upper hand when it comes to intimacy. Sex should never be a tense experience. It should be a relaxing and enjoyable activity. Things might even get awkward in bed from time to time (embarrassing farts, surprising distractions), but partners with good sense of humour know how to laugh at themselves, skip the awkward and continue having a good time.

4. Good Listener:

You should always listen to your partner; be it when they express themselves verbally or otherwise; in and out of the bedroom. You will be surprised how much you can learn about a person’s sexual preferences just by listening, not just to what they say but also to their body language.

5. Be Selfless:

Who can say no to a selfless lover? Remember, a selfish person can usually be spotted long before the bedroom activities begin. Often times, a selfish personality points to a selfish lover. It is important to always keep your partner’s pleasure in mind during sex. This is one of those times that you receive what you give. A satisfied partner is always willing to return the favour so you do not have to worry about your own pleasure taking the back seat.

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