7 Signs That Shows She Wants You


Have you ever been an a date with a woman, or just simply hanging out with her and you cannot seem to figure out whether or not she is into you? Well, there are usually a few subtle signs that would make things a little bit clearer.

See some of these signs below.

1. Smiles: A woman who likes what she sees will certainly let you know. Smiling is one of the most important signs of approval. She would let you know she enjoys your company by smiling at you every now and then.

2. Leans Towards You: Another obvious sign of interest is when a person leans towards you during conversation. This is a sign that we often cannot help. Your body language will automatically be directed at something you are interested in, and this is very difficult to fake. So, when she looks like she is leaning into you, then you know you’ve got her attention.

3. Asks Leading Questions: When a woman sees you as a potential partner, she wants to know all she can about you, especially if you have someone special in your life. She ask questions whose answers reveal whether or not you are single/available. She would probably ask if you ever think about getting married, having kids, or at what age do you hope to settle down. These are leading questions that tells her whether or not she should stay with you.

4. Laugh At Your Jokes: It is unlikely that you would laugh at someone’s joke if you don’t like the person to some extent. So, laughing at your attempt at humour (whether or not you are actually funny) is a good sign that she likes you.

5. Talks Herself Up: We all aim to impress someone we really like. If you notice that she is coming up with stories that put her in a good light or she focuses on telling you about all her achievement and success, then you know she is looking to impress. She wants you to find her as great as she finds you so she would talk to you about all the amazing things about her to pique your interest.

6. Points Out Things You Have In Common: It is known that we are more attracted to people we have a lot in common with. To prove that this is the case with you both, she would easily point out things she has in common with you. When you say something about yourself that she identifies with, she quickly makes this known to prove you are well matched.

7. Touches You: The ultimate sign that proves a girl wants you is to make sure she has as much bodily contact with you as possible. Does she touch your arm when she laughs at your jokes? Does she reach to adjust something in your outfit or lifts your wrist to check out your wristwatch? If she looks for any opportunity to touch you, then you know you are golden.

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