6 Tips For Curing Erectile Dysfunction


Do you “finish” long before your partner has even started? Do you have a problem lasting longer than a couple of minutes during sex?

Then these 6 cures for erectile dysfunction might be something you need to consider.

1. Have More Sex: One main cause of premature ejaculation is performance anxiety. If this is your first sexual experience with a particular partner, it is natural to be nervous about your performance. But once you have been with her for a few more times, your anxiety reduces which leads you to be more relaxed around her and, in turn, helps you last longer.

2. Masturbate: Sometimes, masturbating before the actual sex with your partner might actually help you. It is a commonly attested fact that most men find it difficult to control the orgasm during the first sex session as opposed to subsequent ones. So, if you “sort out” yourself privately for the first, then you might gain the control you need for when you eventually meet your partner.

3. Condoms: Some men have proclaimed that putting on some kinds of condoms reduces the intensity of sensitivity they would normally get if they go without. This then helps them hold on for much longer.

4. The Stop-and-start: Another way to gain necessary control of your desire is to pause at interval during sex. Withdrawing completely (or partially) or having your partner grab the base of penis from time to time might help you wind down.

5. Communicate: There are a few things your partner can do (like the point mentioned above), to help with your situation, but if you have never discussed this with her, then she would not know how to help. Communicate with your partner, let her know about your challenges and possibly, the two of you can come up with ways to ensure her satisfaction, despite your issues.

6. Medication: If all else fails, then you should consider seeking medical help. It might seem extreme but there are some drugs that are solely aimed at this very purpose. Avoid procuring these medicines without the consent of a doctor as this can create a whole different set of medical issues and complicate matters.

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