Top 5 Things Nigerian Women Want In A Man


There are several things a woman would want in a man she is considering having a relationship with or marrying, but there are some basic ones that tells them the man could make a good partner.

We approached a few Nigerian women and ask them to share their most preferred attributes in a partner.

Here are the top 5 things they believe a good husband candidate should have:

5: Honesty:
“I will like to marry a man that can trust. Honesty and integrity are very important to me and I think it is highly crucial, when forming a lifetime bond with a person, that you can trust and believe in them.” – Anne, 24

4. Family Values:
“I want a man that not only respect and loves his family, but would also love and respect mine. In this part of the world, when you marry someone, you marry their family also and I would want a man who considers my family as important as he considers me.” – Dayo, 31.

3. Kindness:
“It is important that the man I marry be kind and caring. These are the things that women respond to the most and I would want someone that would care for me. He should be sensitive to me as a woman and willing to understand me.” – Becky, 28.

2. Successful:
“While I won’t say I am very materialistic, I think that whoever I am married to should be successful to a large extent. He should have a stable source of income and be able to provide the basic necessities for his family. It is important that a man should be a provider, and it is only such a man that a woman would respect.” – Lola, 26

1. God-Fearing:
“There is no two-way about it, a man who intends to lead a home should be God-fearing and humble to the Lord. He should be spiritually led so that he can also lead his family right. He should have faith and believe in God as much as I do (even more). ” – Livina, 32

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