7 Signs You Are Ready For Marriage


Getting into a lifetime union is certainly not something that should be taken lightly. You must be mentally, emotionally and physically ready to take this step.

Are you in a serious relationship and you are a little bit unclear on whether or not it is time for you to settle down. We present signs that you are ready to take this big step below.

1. You and Your Partner are Compatible: Do you feel connected to your partner (even outside the bedroom)? It is important that you feel you and your partner blend well together and complement each other. Your weakness should be her strength and vice versa.

2. He/She is Your Friend: It is important that your partner should be the one person you can talk to about anything and everything. A lot of marriages have been threatened due to the fact that one or both partners have been emotionally dependent on someone outside their marriage. You should have each other as confidante and you should never be shy to share everything, even the hard times.

3. You Are Planning A Marriage: It is so easy to get caught up in the wedding planning stage that you forget to actually plan your marriage. You and your partner need to sit down and make plans about what the marriage would be like. How many kids you would have, would you have kids right away, where you would live etc, are questions that ought to have been asked and answered to prove you are both ready for this step. Do not get caught up in the fantasy of a wedding that you forget the big picture.

4. No Confusion: If you have to talk yourself or your fiance into marriage, then you are not ready for this. Marriage should be a union willingly entered by both parties. If all you do is try to convince each other that this is a good idea, then it probably isn’t.

5. Friends/Family Approve: In Nigeria, you do not just marry a person, you marry into their family. So, it is very important that people closest to your partner like you and approve of the union. If any of the family members have problems with your getting married, it is crucial that you have a sit-down and rectify these issues as best as you can to avoid future complications.

6. Trust: In a marriage, you simply have to trust your partner, but before you actually tie the knots, you should also trust that all the information given to you by him/her is true. Trust begins long before you say “I do”, so make sure you believe in your partner before binding yourselves in holy matrimony.

7. Financially Ready: Whether you are a man or a woman, it is highly important that you both have some financial plans for your marriage. Will you both be working? Does your income complement the lifestyle you want? Most marriages end due to financial complications and this often happens when the partners do not communicate. How you spend money is a huge part of how strong your marriage would be, do not overlook it.

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