South African Principal Forces 2-Year-Old Boy And 5-Year-Old Girl To Have Sex While Filming Them


A kindergarten principal is facing life in jail today after she allegedly caught a boy, two, having sex with a girl, five, in the toilets of her school, then forced them to repeat the act while filming it.

The 68-year-old, who has not been named, allegedly found the pair having sex in the toilets of a creche in Gauteng province, central South Africa, last February.

She then took the children to her office along with other teachers where she forced them to have sex again while filming it in order to show the children’s parents what they had done, it is claimed.

Once the children’s parents were told what had happened they contacted police, who arrested the principal. It is not clear whether the parents saw the footage.

According to The Sowetan newspaper, the woman is expected to plead guilty to charges of compelled rape at Alexandra Magistrate’s Court in Johannesburg today.

If so she faces a maximum sentence of life in jail because of the young ages of the victims.

The paper also reports that the principal is still running the creche, but authorities would not say if the two children are still attending.

Thebe Mohatle, spokesman for the Gauteng department of social development, could not confirm if the school was being investigated or if the principal had been disciplined outside of the courtroom.

In another shocking twist, Dumisile Nala, national executive officer of Childline, said the youngsters’ behaviour was ‘nothing unusual’, adding that they were likely acting out something they saw on TV.

However, she went on to say that the principal’s reaction had been ‘unacceptable’ and ‘really bizarre’, adding that the reenactment would have been far more traumatic than the initial act.

She also questioned how two children of the same sex had ended up in the same bathroom, and recommended that the pair be taken for counselling.


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