14 Ways To Have More Sex & Enjoy It


Sex isn’t everything there is to a relationship, but is very important. Having an amazing physical connection with your love can turn a bad day into a better one.

If you or your partner have been struggling in this area, the time has come to get it on. Here are some ways you can have more sex…and enjoy it too.

1. Stop thinking of it as a chore

“Ugh I gotta do the dishes and sleep with this man.”

Say what?

Try your best to get out of the mindset that sex is a chore. You might perform better–or want to–if you think of it as another way to be intimate or connect with the person you love

2. Remember why you’re attracted

Sometimes you need to remind yourself why you’re with the person you’re with. If you’re struggling in the love making department, ask yourself what attracted you to them in the first place. Hopefully you’ll get turned on.

3. Take stuff off your plate

No wonder you aren’t interested in sex–you’re trying to juggle too much on your plate. Do your best to leave work at the office so you can concentrate on your personal life. It’s also a good idea to ask for help from time to time so you aren’t doing everything yourself.

4. Break a sweat

How do you feel after a really good gym session?

Think about it: your body is glistening with sweat, endorphins (natural stress reliever) are running through you, and you know your physique is getting better because of exercise. Strike while the iron is hot! Head home and get it on.

5. Release emotion

Women for the most part are emotional creatures and will hold onto feelings and grudges like no other. One of the biggest reasons why you might not be into your partner is because you’re pissed. Try to work through what’s bothering you so you can get back to days of intimacy.

6. Get inspired

Do you have an artist you like that makes you think, “damn, I’d love to turn up like that?”

There’s nothing wrong with finding some inspiration–through song or whatever outlet. Get inspired to recognize your own sexiness and work it in the bedroom.

7. Play the “drinking” game

Okay, so this won’t really involve alcohol, but does follow similar rules from the drinking game. Pick a television show you both like and perform a sexual favor every time you hear a special phrase, or see something naughty. Hint: The HBO series Game of Thrones is a great place to start.

8. Be adventurous

Who says you need to have sex in the bedroom? So long as you don’t get arrested, do consider unusual places for something more exciting.

9. Create sexual code words

The next time you plan to go out, create a “code word” of the day that indicates you’ll get it on later. This is something fun to try at work or in mixed company seeing as you can use something as simple as “eventful,” or complex as “litigious”. The choice is up to you.

10. Aim for the AM

Sometimes you don’t have enough time in the day to get it on when you come home or before bed. Try setting your alarm clock a few minutes early so you can rise and grind before work. Who knows, it might put a pep in your step around the office.

11. Let texts be your hype man

If you’re not comfy with sexting your partner, do try shooting them a few suggestive texts throughout the day. You can spell things out or beat around a bush that needs some “edging.

12. Go with what makes you feel sexy

If you don’t feel comfy in lingerie don’t wear it. Don’t put unnecessary stress or expectations on yourself. If you enjoy sweatpants, your hair tied and no makeup, lead with that.

13. Play games

Role play, purchase sex toys, or sit down for a naughty board game. Games can be fun so long as both parties enjoy playing them.

14. Be spontaneous

Be like Nike and just do it!

Stop thinking about reasons why you can’t have sex, find your partner and get it on. You act like the session is going to take up several hours in your day. Kudos if it does, but that’s not very realistic.

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