10 Ways to Spice Up A Stale Romance With Bae

couple talking

Remember those late night phone calls that lasted for three hours? Or how excited you once felt when his name showed up on your caller ID? You have no idea how or when it happened, but now monotony is your day-to-day routine. Where did the excitement go? Can it be retrieved? We want to help you bring back the sexy factor in your relationship and help you add a little spice too!

1. Steer Clear Of Your Comfort Zone

Are you rushing home from work and running straight upstairs to throw on your comfy sweats and long t-shirts, wrap your hair and start dinner? Why do your co-workers get to see you all dressed up every day but your man doesn’t? Leave on those fierce work clothes just a little longer or change into some boy shorts and tank top before you get into your nightly routine. Please leave your hair down and make up on. You will be surprised by the change in his behavior.

2. Call Him At Work With A Change Of Plans

Let him know you’ve arranged a sitter and what the “adult” plans are for the evening. It could be a romantic dinner and a comedy show or an intimate movie date at home. Don’t forget to wear something sexy during your date whether it’s at home or out.

3. Give Him A Little “Drip Love” Throughout The Day

Send him seductive, classy photos of you three times a day leading up to clues on what to expect when he gets home. But remember to keep it classy, just in case his phone is lost

4. Put Your Love In The Mail

The box can be compiled of the memories of the great times you’ve had throughout the years. Think: old wedding photos, vacation photos, a flash drive with a playlist of all of your favorite songs or even a simple gift that he’s been talking about for months. The idea is to refresh his memory of the great times you’ve had and continue the momentum from there.

5. Introduce Other Couples Into The Mix

Often times, we find ourselves discussing household chores, budgets and kids when we are alone together. Plan a standing double date or even group date to create healthy adult conversations and lots of laughs to share.

6. See Some World (Together!)

Plan a vacation together! We often travel to the same places over and over again because we’re comfortable. We get it, you enjoy it and it works. But we encourage you to try a different city. If budget is a factor, staycations are great options too. You can choose a great hotel right in your own city. Try packing his bags and surprising him. Order room service and take advantage of the indoor/outdoor pool and hot tub.

7. Stay On His Mind

We have mentioned a dozen times that men get bored easily. (And, yes, we do too.) Call him out of the blue in the middle of the day to say hello and allow him to hear your voice. You can also send him a picture or voice text to keep the sweet thought of you on his mind.

8. Remember Why You’re Number One

He chose you as his number one woman for a reason – don’t forget that. Never stop being the woman he fell for and if you catch yourself falling out of character, or into a funk, remind yourself what made you work best together from the start.

9. Go For The Heels

Yes we said it! There is something about wearing heels that makes us feel taller, more confident, poised, and more importantly, sexy! The shape that it gives our calf muscles is exquisite. We have learned that men enjoy the way we sashay across the room in our heels and they often fantasize about us leaving them on during those special moments. So, we say leave them on!

10 Say Yes To Adventure

Let’s face it, we can all be labeled as boring from time-to-time. We say, be daring in everything that you do. The goal here is to show each other your fun side. You want to create experiences with him that he won’t ever have with anybody else.

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