How To Know You Satisfied Her In Bed


Aside from moaning or screaming, there are other more valid ways for you to confirm whether you managed to satisfy your partner in bed. The best part about it is that you don’t even have to ask her.

1 Her eyes. Look into her eyes and whisper sweet nothings while she’s amorously sated. While you’re doing that, check to see if her eyes are dilated. That is a sure sign that she has just had an orgasm.

2 PC muscles. A woman who is experiencing an orgasm has significantly stronger PC muscle contractions. If you are very aware of the sensations that your penis is feeling, you can determine whether it’s a voluntary contraction or one that is generated by an orgasm. Contractions during orgasms are usually more powerful.

3 She’s sleepy. If she hasn’t done anything but lie down after a round of sex and she ends up dozing beside you like a baby, that means you got the job done. Surprisingly, having an orgasm takes up more energy than doing anything to get an orgasm. That’s why both men and women want to sleep immediately after sex.

4 Shivering. Although this can be faked, a real shiver is very obvious. When a woman shivers during and after an orgasm, you can rest assured that it’s real. A fake shiver is usually slow and weak, while a real shiver makes her look like she went out naked in the cold.

5 Her moans. Boys, please stop basing a woman’s actual orgasm moan from porn. Those girls are actresses *sometimes, not very good* and they are exaggerating for the camera’s sake. A woman can scream, moan or groan like an animal if she’s actually having an orgasm. It’s not something that she can practice, unless she’s won an Academy Award.

7 Her breathing pattern. If a girl chooses not to make any noise while having sex, you can base your assumptions on the way she gasps and breathes during and after an orgasm. When a girl comes, she will breathe slowly, deeply, sharply and heavily. After she’s done, she will breathe quickly, deeply and heavily as if she’s run a marathon. This will immediately slow down after a few seconds and that’s when you’ll know she’s satisfied.

8 You can’t touch it. When a woman has had an orgasm, she will not allow you to touch her clitoris anymore. You can try, but her body can’t take it, because it has become super sensitive after climax. It’s the same as when men orgasm. You cannot keep stimulating the penis and overdo it after an orgasm.

In order to really maximize these tips, be alert and aware. These are subtle signs that cannot be determined in passing. You need to observe your partner and watch them for signs of faking. If you think you didn’t satisfy them, it may be time for you to talk about it.


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