What Women Expect During Foreplay


Foreplay is definitely an important part of sex for a lot of women. See below some of the things she would like you to do before the real act begins.

1. Talk To Her: Dirty talking, sweet nonsense, women love a man who can get them in the mood with well-timed words.

2. Pay Attention To The Girls: And here, we are talking about the boobs. Often times, men just skim over them to focus on the main part, never to return. This is not a good move.

3. Be Gentle: Girls positively hate it when men get so over-eager for the main course that they forget to be gentle. Some guys basically attack the clit even before the girl gets undressed and this can be a huge turn-off.

4. Undress Her: The act of undressing a person is in itself a type of foreplay. When a guy is too focused on the main dish that he forgets to lovingly unwrap the package, it is a little disappointing.

5. Use Your Tongue Wisely; Kisses and tongue are great, but too much tongue can get very nasty. This also goes for tongue engagement across all body parts. The ears for instance, this can feel very nice but slobbering all over her ears can make her feel like you are trying to clean out her ears with your tongue. And when it comes to her lady parts, please endeavour to use the tongue wisely.

6. Take Your Time: If she is not well warmed-up then sex will suck, for the both of you. Try being in the moment and enjoy the fooling around. The good times would certainly come.

7. Use Both Hands: Your hands should always be busy. There are usually potential left out body part. If you have a hand free, get creative with it.

8. Multi-task: Just like the tip above, be sure you are taking very good advantage of all opportunities, If you have your finger down there, do not just lay there, use your mouth, give her kisses on other body parts. Let her feel like you are devoting yourself completely to her pleasure.

9. Appreciate Her Effort: If she is wearing something hot and lacy, keep in mind that it is for you. Be sure to let her know you notice and appreciate the effort otherwise it would seem like a waste. Compliment her, enjoy the view and let her know she turns you on.

10. Nibble A Little: And the keyword here is nibble. Do not attack her like she is a piece of meat. A soft, nice bite on the ear, nipple, lip or neck can be very hot. This rule absolutely does not apply to the clitoral area.

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