10 Signs Your Relationship Is Doomed To Fail


You know how people always say “love conquers all”? Well, this is not always the case. Often times, you might have strong feelings for someone but the relationship is not as strong as it should be.

Love goes hand-in-hand with a lot of other ingredients to maintain a long lasting relationship. Just because your relationship is lacking these things for now does not mean there is nothing you can do to change the course of your union. You can always work hard to improve on the lacking aspects and find even more satisfaction in the love your share.

Below are 10 signs your relationship is doomed for failure if it stays the same.
1. Lack Of Communication: A relationship will not stand the test of time if the couple do not have healthy communication between each other. Learning to talk to each other and effectively communicate your feelings about your issues, experiences, fears, etc, will strengthen your bond and keep you closer for longer.

2. Trust Issues: A relationship lacking in trust will certainly be a rocky one until it finally fails. Trusting in the person you are with is one important way to feel safe and strong in your union. If you are always questioning his/her behaviour, attitude, how he/she spends his/her time, what he/she is doing when you are not there, then you would forever be in doubt of the relationship. Discuss whatever trust issues you might be having and come up with ways to work on them together.

3. Lack of Intimacy: And no, we are not talking about just sex here. There are countless relationships where the couple have lots of sex but they cannot seem to make their partnership work out, while there are also couples who have no sex and still maintain a good relationship. Intimacy refers to a deep, unbreakable bond between the both of you. It is when you are with a person who  knows you deeply, and emotionally; who connects withy you on a level beyond just the surface.

4. Insecurity Issues: An insecure person would not do well in a partnership. When you are not sure of yourself and your worth, you would find it really hard to believe someone else would see anything good in you. This often lead to jealousy issues and general unhappiness. Before being in a couple, you have to make sure you are comfortable in your single self to avoid moving all these baggage on someone else.

5. Lack Of Common Values: Do you believe in religion and your partner does not? Do you believe in not having sex before marriage and your partner disagrees? There are certainly going to be differences between you and your partner but if these differences are on a moral level, like the examples above, it will be difficult to move past them. You need to be on the same moral level with your partner. You should also have a few things in common as this will always give you something to talk about and bond with.

6. Lack Of Respect: In a relationship, both partners absolutely have to respect each other. Your partner would sometimes do things that you might not agree with, but when you respect them, you would find ways to solve these issues without resorting to degrading insults or physical/emotional abuse. You should also respect your partner as an individual and treat them like you would want them to treat you. You should respect their efforts in the relationship and appreciate all they do.

7. Selfishness: Being in a relationship means you do not get to keep thinking about just yourself and your happiness all the time. You should consider their feelings and even make sacrifices for them from time to time. You should think of them and do things that makes them happy. If they feel the same way about you, they would also be the same. End result: The both of you would be in a very happy and satisfying relationship

8. Unwillingness To Fight: While a relationship should not be filled with argument and pain, a healthy dose of disagreement is important. ‘Fighting’ in this sense, does not mean physical combat. It means not being afraid to have arguments and disagreements as these are the only ways to get to know each other better. If one or both partners readily gives in to everything and does not even bother to get up the energy to fight for love, then there would certainly be problems and brewing resentment.

9. Not Making Future Plans: A sign of a growing relationship is when couple talk about a shared future and what they hope to achieve together. The subject could be ranging from marriage, kids, to future career plans, moving to a bigger house, etc. The point is that you both have shared dreams that you talk about often. A couple that do not talk about their future would certainly be unable to lay the appropriate foundation for a lasting relationship.

10. Lack Of Support: Do you feel like your partner does not support you, your ambitions, your plan or your dreams? Are you in a relationship where you do not feel encouraged to be your very best? Then that relationship would not last long. Just like you have friends who support you, your partner should also do the same. Your partner should be your Number One fan. They should be the one who gets you when others doubt you. They should have faith in you even if they do not completely understand your plans. Their support should be unconditional  both in good and difficult times.

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