7 Signs She Would Be Good In Bed


Picture this: You are with a girl on a date and of course, you are thinking of what it would be like when you finally get her into bed. Only one problem, you wonder if she would be as good as you imagine.

Well, while nothing is 100 percent certain, there are a few things you can look out for that points to a potentially great lay.

1. Willing To Experiment: Does she sound like she loves to experiment with something new when the chance presents itself? Does she seem eager to try something you are eating even though she tells you she has never had it before? A woman excited about new things is one that is willing to get out of her comfort zone in bed. It tells you that she is open-minded and might even have a few new tricks up her sleeves for you.

2. Good Dancer: If you would like to know how she moves, then give her an opportunity to bust some moves. Take her out to a club, party, or anywhere she would get the chance to show off her dance skills.  The way she moves to the music will give you an idea how she would be in bed. Sultry and seductive dance moves are indicative of a woman who knows how to use her body in a sensual way.

3. Very Handsy: A woman who is not shy to get her hands on you and physically connect with you is one that understand the importance of touch in bed. She does not have any problems being close to you and might be looking forward to getting even closer.

4.The Walk: You know when a gorgeous girl enters a room in a seductive walk that makes all the men instantly think about taking her to bed? Yeah, a woman who possesses that kind of walk surely knows what her body is capable of and how to use it.

5. Good Kisser: Studies have shown that if you feel an intense connection with someone when you kiss, it is highly likely that that chemistry will translate into the bedroom.

6. She Is Older: It is a known fact that older women are usually more confident in their own skin and know what the want in bed. While women in their 20s are so focused on self image and might be dealing with low self esteem, older women are way past that and are always willing to enjoy the ride. They are not shy to tell you what they want and  are very outspoken about their desires.

7. Knows What She Wants: This is not just a characteristic for older women.  A woman can be confident in herself regardless of her age. If she is able to make fast decisions on where you guys hang out or what movies to see, instead of leaving all decisions to you and just tagging along, she will most likely make it worth your while in the bedroom too.

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